LIFT Your Thoughts UP!

Before I got out of bed to start the day, I allowed my Self to fall back for a bit.  As I returned my head to the bright-white, supersoft-side of the pillow, I heard a calling to resign to a second slumber.  There was a knowing inside this summons: a message, an attunement, download, or transmission waiting for me outside the early-morning illusion of reality.  Maybe you ask how does one know?  I’d suggest it’s the fleeting thought or instruction right before the moment that you’d steamroll it with some sway from your ego ever-so-convincingly waving you on in a separate direction, flagging a distraction, and re-routing from the original path.


Children of the Waters

Since 2006 I’ve been paying attention to change.  That’s when I started seeing it…the number five.

In numerology, the number five means changes are in the que of your journey if not already happening.  It was everywhere in my life, they were out in force; double, triple, quadruple and even the royal…five fives!  License plates, billboards, addresses, phone numbers, order numbers…these little beasts were in the most surprising of places.  I refer to them as beasts only because change to me at that time meant the possibility of turning my life upside down…again.

At first I simply paid attention to what was all around me.  I intentionally noticed what was happening, who came in and out of my life, what challenges or situations I was experiencing; ultimately, which shifts were showing up for me to chose from.  And I do say choose, as we have free will and can turn our backs to change.  I didn’t turn my back though; instead, I followed each and every clue in hopes of transporting myself into the state of bliss I’d studied and heard about.  Eventually there was more change happening than what I could continue to journal.  At that point I let go as far as trying to keep up with written proof or tracking its existence and I just began to let it flow.


Love The ONE You’re With

I am consistently inspired by music from the 70’s.  Maybe it’s simply because I grew up in that era and decade, but I find that many songs have multiple perspectives and ways of interpreting their messages.

It seems at times the writers were tapped in, channeling and sourcing songs from the new age of the future.  Did we look under the surface of the words at that time?  Did we truly hear Jimmy?  There’s a part of me that says absolutely, but did we look underneath that even deeper, resurrecting its conception from the roots, the soul and source, to the united message of truth? More

Welcoming Wind

When I was young I was afraid of the wind.  I heard it swirling through our mailbox on the front door, whistling through the letter slot, whispering secrets about change I did not yet understand.  Today that sound would put me under an enchanting spell, but at 5-years-old it scared me.  I didn’t realize how synchronistically important this element is.
“Spirit, like breath, like wind is an invisible force witnessed only in the elements it moves.  Spirit, like breath, like wind is a messenger of circulation ~ allowing fresh currents to move through our channels, invigorating and re-orienting us.”


Soul Holders

There are unrecognized natural nurturers in this world that hold our souls in a space of truth, wellness, growth, evolution and love.  These aren’t only the nurses or caregivers of our world I’m referring to; not just the people that chose the important profession of escorting a return of good health to those who are lost, have been found, who are tripped over, personally challenged, or went the wrong way on a one-way.  No.  I’m talking about an expanded version of that realm.  I’m bringing the invisible caregivers forward and on stage to now take a bow. More

The Fairy Sweater

I woke up early on this frosty Friday morning, a Sunny Southern California treat indeed!  I put on my usual favorite comfortable 70-something wintery west-coast outfit which consists of flippies on my feet, leggings under my cut-off summer shorts, and an old reincarnated relaxed t-shirt.  Today my tones are in greens…ahh yes, my heart is open on this blessed day.  I’m feeling grateful today as some days have been a struggle in these crazy Corona-times. More

A Gift of Shift

It was the day before Christmas and I was trying to find one last roll of wrapping paper.  I was driving out of a local shopping plaza which turned into a bit of a maze: left here, right there, another left, then down a little alley which then led out to the main boulevard.  At the end of the alley was a diagonally parked car and a family ~ mom & dad with two small children.

The car got my attention first, it was an old purple minivan with alot of rustic patina on the patchworked paint.  It was almost magical in an unfortunate way.  I admired the soul of it, imagining its great adventures as I approached.  That’s when the family came into view.


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