Chakra Balancing

I believe health and well being begins at the level of energy within my body.
We all have energy centers in the body, starting at the base of your spine and continuing up to the crown of your head. Each of these energy centers corresponds to major nerves within your physical body, as well as your psychological and spiritual state of being. When your chakras are in alignment and fully activated, your intuition will work together with your emotions and your physical body to achieve balance, contentment and happiness within your life. It’s essential to pay attention to your chakras and to keep them open in order for energy to move fluidly throughout your body. When there is blockage, energy is unable to flow easy, smooth and peacefully. Maintaining balance and openness can be challenging, no doubt, but with mindfulness and intention you hold the power to shift, re-calibrate and therefore improve your well being.


Root Chakra

I named my blog Root Chakra Healing because while we’re living this linear physical life on Earth it is the root chakra which shows us our manifested experience.  That which we see out-pictured in our life is exactly where the seen and unseen energy has been participating.   Because we are in this life together, we are affected by other’s energy as well.  Sometimes those energies program or wound us in ways which we subconsciously hold on to and use as a field of protection on our journey, which isn’t always a good thing.  We hang on to what we fear in this regard; therefore, we close ourselves off to learning, moving on, and experiencing our highest good.
When we continue to allow past experiences to govern the future, we create imbalance in our soul~center.  Not just the root, but it affects all chakras eventually…causing dis~ease.  This is the reason Chakra balancing is important.  Cleansing, clearing, balancing and activating the chakras is a powerful session I offer which also extracts stress and anxiety, instilling peace and harmony within the energy centers.
The Root Chakra is located at the base of your spine and is associated with the color red. When your Root Chakra is balanced, you feel grounded, safe and secure with a deep connection to your body and Mother Earth.
When doing a sacred Root Chakra Ritual session*, I gather black and red stones (Tourmaline, Hematite, Garnet, Red Calcite are wonderful Root stones and easy to find) a red candle, and a grounding oil blend (I use my original Muladhara Ritual Oil blend).  I start with a smudging of white sage, light the candle, anoint myself with the beautiful sacred oil and breathe into deep stillness; then, when my mind is clear and focused, I repeat the following mantras:
“Today, I am present in my body.”
“I am a divine being, protected by Spirit and secure within nature.”
“I release fear and gain trust in the process of life.”
“I am grounded, centered, and fully present.”
“I am worthy.”
“I belong.”
For deeper guidance, tools, and exercises to effectively unblock your Chakras, book a future session with me here.  I’ve opened my calendar for late April having faith that we will all be out and about again, returning to our normal activities.
In the meantime, on wings and waves of the Universe, I hold space for the whole, healed, happy, healthy, wealthy & wise within each and every one of us.
Peace, Love & Good Health,
*NOTE: In a Ritual Session with me, you will be gifted the oil, crystals, stones and written mantras when the Chakra Ritual is complete.

One~Winged Woman

A year ago in October I became a single woman for the first time in over 25 years.  I’ve pretty much had one handful of relationships my whole life, each of them being very significant to my growth, especially the last one wherein I finally found myself facing off with my deepest wound, Grief.

That November I camped by myself for the first time ever.  It was an amazing journey wherein I was gifted a huge bird wing from the Universe.   A treasured discovery with a message of ‘learning to fly,’ I named myself a “One-Winged Woman.”

And it was on 11/11/18 at 11:11pm that I wrote this poem while in my tent alone, with the blessing of a lighted pen, the wing by my side and beautiful surreal drumming vibes coming from not so far off. I thought I was writing about myself… and I was …but in the wake of my big brother’s unexpected transition this year I woke up on a summer morning thinking about these words and him.   I exposed this piece that day from a very soulful space in my heart.

And now in this moment, another November, I find myself looking back in the rear-view mirror of 2019 and I realize that it’s also about Us…All of us wakening.   It’s about spreading each of our wings wide open…extended so much that the tips of our feathers will touch one another while we’re suspended in the flow of our collective life.

And now, for the second time, I feel a courage … a cawing to share this poem I wrote by a tiny light in the dark one night night while echoing thoughts of flight helped guide me to write, “I See Me:”

Above it all, I see me
Holding space for others, grounded as a tree
Infinite as the sky
visible to my inner-eye
Vast and deep
relentless in love
summoning my Self to the clarity above
Sultry and longing to its calling I sway
my wings unfold and I sail away.

Above it all, I see me
There I AM spirited and free
Wings wide open riding waves of air
No boundaries
No rules
No burdens to bare.
Every day a new desire
Every hour a journey within
Every moment feeling inspired
Every breath full circle I spin
There I go, in full~feathered flow
On the soulful flight of my life I go.

Above it all, I see me
Ego aside, connected spiritually
Walking and talking in this dream “On Air”
while standing on Earth looking way up there
Calling to the wind to take me away
when I sometimes feel I don’t want to stay
Loneliness and pain, howling at the moon
wanting love to save me while deep in swoon
Again I will ride
All ways I abide
I open my heart
I breathe and be
And once again I see me.

11/11/2018 ~ by Shannon Paige

The Ocean of Vulnerability

As some of my friends witnessed last week, I recently took a week-long swim in the ocean of vulnerability.

Confidently, I dove right in by signing up for a 5-Day Challenge not knowing what each days’ requirement would be.

Honestly, I was looking really forward to starting this endeavor.  I felt the excitement and joy with my inner-entrepreneur at the helm as we anticipated the journey and success of navigating a challenge!  Exciting, right?!  There were prizes offered too and I could just taste the amazing sweetness of winning the grand prize!

The Beach.

The first day was creative, fun, and easy…like treasure hunting on a beach with lots of beautiful shells to sift through.  But the second day got a little tougher as I was encouraged to actually step into the water.

What I realized at this time was that I had really signed up for a voluntarily falling into the deep-end of my truth…and sharing it on social media!  Then the second realization flowed in like slow motion…I was already standing too close to the edge not to try to fall into it with as much grace as I possibly could.

So I tippy-toed slowly into the fringed and cold edges of the mildly-crushing breakers I was now faced with.  I found myself wading and waiting in the shallow for signs of my life to reveal themselves, telling me ‘We’re okay to do this,” encouraging me to want to do it, then going deep inside ‘the secret life of Shannon’s past.’

I admit I have chosen this life and every single one of my choices, I’m willing to own it all.  But what I was scared to death of was judgement of who I am now, today, the soulful spiritual me that’s not wounded anymore, and that feeling of having swam too far out of the safety zone.

That’s where the breakthrough happens, so I did it anyway.

The Swells.

Anything but a leisurely float on my back facing the soulfulness of the sun, I found myself, instead, paddling furiously through the rolling waves of my life’s story.  All of it showed up on my table to digest, the emotions and feelings that I’ve masked for a very long time.   Not all of the bad and ugly was served up on social media, but I certainly had to have it come forward, lean in to it with no resistance, then decide how to filter it in small doses each day using my best portion control skills as to not overwhelm or over-tell.

Halfway through the week, I had my third realization…that the real truth was that I needed to stand within my experiences confidently, not sourcing energy from a space of weakness but from empowerment!  After all, I’d been present in all my past moments, so scrapping them together into chapters of a book I was able to see all that I had overcome and accomplished…that all those “choices” were stepping stones along my journey and opportunities for growth!

Have you been courageous and brave enough to say YES in stepping into the mystery of an adventure that came your way, come to find out it didn’t work out the way you thought it would? 

I am able to see now that every single bit of my journey was purposeful for what I needed in order to get exactly where I AM!

The Deep Calm Sea.

My fourth realization came forward in the final days of waking up to where I am at right now.  The successes I’ve had becoming beacons that will continue to light my path moving forward.

I am now far out into the deep calm sea of clarity, where I can acknowledge the absolute beauty of my life.  I am grateful for the challenges that were presented to me so that I could become the person I AM.  And I honor family above all else in this life.  For their love and support has always in all ways been my foundation and home base.  I am so blessed to have them.

I am a woman of depth, yeah, there’s no doubt about it.  I won’t apologize or feel unnecessary in being that or anything else I AM any longer.  Not everyone resonates with a person like me (who is same as you, just different), and it’s absolutely a thousand percent okay, I’m completely neutral about who accepts me and who doesn’t because we are One regardless.

I love what IS within the All of Us.  That IS enough.

Basking in the glory and gratitude for the people who have been my guides and angels along my journey, I am proud to say, “Hey guys, I made it!  I’m here.  I’m here.  I’m here!

I’m kissing the ground You walk on Brothers and Sisters, ❤ happy to have another day in this life with you, doing my thing, and praising you for doing yours!”

My final realization, you see, is that I was the only one who ever judged me.

On wings and waves of grace, I fall into love with me and you every single day.




Sharing Successes

I’m still in my Challenge and today it’s about finding the confidence within to share my success stories. Helping others shift from feeling lost to tapping into their gifts and talents is the greatest feeling I’ve ever known. That’s why I do what I do. I love seeing my clients get clear, focused and intentional about manifesting their greatest good. I wish I could promise that every client will have the kind of success that many of my clients have had! I have seen it proven that if you want it badly enough it’s usually only a matter of time (and high-level guidance) before you get there!

Several of my clients have gone on to become coaches, readers, intuitives, channels and other amazing gifted energy healers, artists, and I even have an athlete! All of them are super inspiring stories!

Most recently one of my clients published her first book! I’m super proud of her accomplishments and I’ll be sharing her success story in a separate post and link soon. She and I felt an immediate connection when meeting and what followed was a powerful breakthrough in her first Chakra Reading! She says, “Shannon was able to instill in me the fact that once I start being active in my aligned service I will start flowing in my purpose.” Now she’s confident enough in that purpose to have written and published her book! Much more alignment is continuing to happen for her and I’m so excited about her future!

And then, sometimes what’s revealed on the journey is that there’s a need for family or grief healing, intentional deep-end coaching or energy-work to help release blockages, old programming or hidden contracts to unlock the truth! Once we tap into that truth we’re able to start their dream~catching adventure.

All of the above(and more) is the work I love to do, reveal and heal, arrive at the ah~ha moment where the ability to unknow the moment of enlightenment happens.

We are going and growing through life, friends… regardless…wouldn’t it be great if we were all defining our dreams along the way!? I’m happy to help if you feel called to reach out.

 I want you to Have it All, Shannon

Change Your World

This is uncomfortable, but I recently joined a 5-day challenge and today’s challenge is to share a pic and something amazing about myself! UGH! This is NOT my comfort zone. I usually don’t share what’s amazing about me because I’ve been a wife twice, I’m a mom, a daughter, a sister, and a friend who’s always made it a priority to put others first!

Here it goes…

Did you know that I was in a bicycle accident which prompted my first soul experience at 8 years old; that I was widowed at 41 and went back to school to complete my education (while working full-time, it took me 10 years!) and I earned a doctorate in the chosen field of metaphysics; that I’ve since become certified in five different holistic modalities; and because of all of this, I am living my life purpose and passion!  

Okay it’s your turn!  I’d love to hear something amazing about YOU too, please, tell me in the comments below!

I want to live in a world where people know that they’re amazing and aren’t afraid to share it! Tag, you’re it!  🙂

This is why I became a Chakra expert!  Because I LOVE helping my clients go from feeling despondent to feeling their amazingness by discovering their purpose and tapping into a life for their highest good!

And now I’m feeling called to help a whole new wave of people. Will you hold this vision for me?

To help me connect with those who may need guidance, I am offering “Change Your World” sessions this week as my gift to you.  I have room in my schedule for 5 sessions, so if you know someone who has mentioned they feel lost or blocked or they wonder what’s next for them, and they would like to start their healing and experience an amazing shift in perception that will help create the change they want to see in their world, will you share this post with them?

Thank you!

Hey…YOU. Are. Amazing!



Rise & Shine

We are in a time, the moment in history of mankind, when we have an opportunity to become One with our soul’s destiny.

Does that excite you like it does me?  Maybe it’s a form of “spiritual geekism” but hey the truth is that even just being able to possibilitize the thought of a soul’s true destiny is reason for millions of years worth of celebration!

We can start by waking up and listening.  What do you hear? 


Chances are that many of us hear similar messages but we don’t know it because we only have one view and that’s from our own two eyes standing on our own front porch looking from the inside of our peripheral boundaries.  That’s the perspective we begin again with every single day.  We walk down those steps in the vehicle called “You” & “Me” facing the world as it aligns itself in every moment before our eyes.

What do you see before you, Brothers & Sisters?


Stop.  Look.  Listen.  Which collective have you chosen to partner with in your journey and endeavor to grow through this life?  You’ll know just by observing what shows up along your journey.  What, if any, truth does it speak to you?  To find out, turn that question inward and ask if it truly aligns; and if so, then ask “What can I learn from it?  What is next for me to do?”  Then stay still and listen to what thought, message, idea pops up into your mind…and just like that, there’s your answer.

On the flip side, many times we are wakened to the fact that it’s not our truth that we’re experiencing and we realize the truth is that it’s been programmed into us to believe that this is what we’re supposed to do in our life.

Is this is the path you’ve been taught to believe is yours because it was rooted in the foundational soil for many years in a generational family template?  We can take a look deep inside those roots and ask if this is still for our highest good and know that there is an option for change if we choose.

It’s comfortable for some of us to follow the family rules while growing up.  It becomes habit until we are adults.  There comes a destination on the journey when we encounter the fork in the road, where we get to choose another path if we want.  This is the moment it’s time to rise and shine.  It’s time to wake up!

This is what is referred to as an “Awakening.”  There are millions of levels of waking up, depending on which chakra we’re sourcing our energy from at any given moment, but any time you stop, look, listen and choose intentionally for your highest good, you’re in it!

Some of us don’t pay attention and blow right through that intersection at those crossroads…not even slowing down to read the signs our truth has set out before us.  Others will take the time to stop and contemplate the opportunity that may resonate.  It triggers within us a soulful desire to find out what the opportunity and experience may be like, what it may hold in store and those are the moments where we connect and follow our destined path.

Since we all are being realized through this body and this voice and the actions we choose to represent us, it should be important to make sure it’s our truth, right?!

So friends, hear this alarm if you’re so called, now is the time for all of us to rise up and let ourselves shine!  Choose to be all up in your glory!  Be the extreme version of your Self!  The singular One within the aspect of the Creator that You are representing!  Why not allow your Self to be the best it can possibly be!

If all of this brings up some fear for you it’s possibly showing you what parts of you need to “heal.”  Working against the flow, having confusion, or feeling we’re on the wrong path to our truth can cause depression, anxiety, and other dis-eases that we’ve partnered with in the separation of connecting with our true Self.  I understand, it’s scary to create intentional change and believe in something that cannot be seen or heard; however, participating more heavily in an experience through the Ego, and ultimately how we’re programmed in many different ways is to unintentionally forget who you truly are in your soul-self aspect.

Our families are efficient and strong and sure of the paths they have culturally built over generations of trial and error which is what their purpose may have been, but at this time in history and “awakening” we are to expand those rules and grow our cultures in a way of bringing them together, loving together, living, and being as One together within a collective Human Race in all our our diverse beauty!

If you can picture your energetic self as a sphere and embeded in that sphere is the ying & yang, half and half, light and dark sides…see that as you!  You are made up of both aspects.  It’s a partnership of Ego/Human Self & Spirit/Soul Self.

Our goal in this life is to attain/maintain a balanced partnership with both aspects.  If we can allow our Soul Self to be behind the wheel and drive our Human Self to and through its truth, it will deliver us each to our purpose to do the one thing that only You can do in the way that only You can do it, from the voice that only You can speak to the people that are in Your circle; with the love that only You can give!

We each have a purpose.  What’s yours?


Think about it.

On wings & waves of the collective, I choose You to be my truth.

Shannon Paige ❤

PS.  If you want to dig deeper into what YOUR PURPOSE is, I am here to guide you in your Awakening.  Let us Rise & Shine together!  ❤

Four Doors

I did a thing this weekend…Native American (Lakota Nation) Sweat Lodge!☆◇♧

I prayed though 1-1/2 hours of pure heat, drenched in the sweat and tears of my past. I came out of the womb reborn with all new waters running through my internal rivers and streams.

Detoxified and purified.

I am feeling so blessed to have a friend who invited me, delivered me, watered and fed me…and to have been “seen,” acknowledged, honored and hugged by many lodge tribal sisters♡together we conquered a difficult, humbling, beautiful experience.

I was too out of it to get a pic of the actual lodge, but this looks like it as I recall with the exception of dark cover.

The other two pics I took after recovering while sitting and observing. I just want to offer a visual. You crawl through that door and sit in circle (one outer, one inner) with other women, and there’s a pit in the center.

They open the door 4 times to be handed in (via pitchfork, picked up with a set of antlers by a fire tender) and she lays 7 scalding rocks in the pit, sprinkling cedar over them to burn and then pouring water over them slowly through the closed door time to create the steam/sweat.

A total of 28 rocks at fourth door!☆

While door is closed its pitch black, only the glow of the hot stones and the cinders of cedar are visible. It’s intensely hot! I cant even explain what that’s like! And as you’re suffering the heat, one or two tribal songs are sung, a story told, and then you’re asked to pray to the creator for all babies, teenagers, adults & elders.

The crawling out of the lodge is an experience of true reward and totally blissful in a non-awareness moment, feeling and breathing in fresh air is … magnificent♧

Immediately afterwards we stood side by side in circle being embraced and thanked by each of the elders and tribal sisters one at a time…being thanked for your gift of prayer.

My tears flowed in waves of emotional acceptance and embodiment of true love. It was beyond anything I’ve ever felt.

Breathing air. Drinking water. It really is a total blessing. It’s something to be appreciated, honored and I am thankful every day I get to wake up and do it again.

On wings and waves of fire and water, I pray for each and every one of us brothers and sisters.

A’ho, amen, and so it is,

Rev. Shannon Paige, PhD.

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