Where Are YOU Sourcing From?

Geranium CARDIt’s Wisdom Card Wednesday ~ We’re talking about the foundation of the Root Chakra, and the security it provides during times of change and RENEWAL.  Our first chakra is the root of our being and establishes the deepest connections with our physical body, our environment and the Earth.  It also represents what we’re physically experiencing in this life.  What have you materialized or manifested for yourself by way of your belief system, via which emotions and from what perspective?  Is it your truth?  Just curious.  I mean, really, do know you can change things to have what you truly desire?  And this is where I insert the well-known phrase, “Be careful what you ask for.”  🙂  In the most loving and encouraging way, I warn you, it’s true!

All of the seven chakras are important individually, however they are interconnected with each other and have great power as a whole system.  If one is out of whack it could keep all of them from being clear and running for our highest good.  Also, by balancing one chakra it could create change in another chakra and so on, just like dominoes.   It is most important, therefore, to keep the first chakra (the root) balanced & healthy and ready for change or we will lack the stability and rootedness necessary for the true transformation and personal growth we’re seeking.

We cannot grow or change unless we feel safe and secure, right?  The root chakra is the foundation for any chakra work.

We each need to empower ourselves and learn to use our intentions to make decisions easier and create the life of our dreams!  If we know where we’re sourcing our energy from, it simplifies the process and right off the bat we know where we need to start in changing things.

Try it for yourself!  Join me for guided meditations and/or a personal in-depth Reading of your own!   Each person’s message and experience is authentic and unique to them and can be followed through as little or as much as you’d like to.  Reveal & Heal, that’s the plan.

Until then, on wings & waves, I send you love & light, Shannon

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