Mysticism ~ The Unknown

MysticismIt’s Wisdom Card Wednesday!

Since announcing my new offering of Full~Chakra Readings (read about it HERE), I’ve really thought a lot about the idea of the “Mysticism” that surrounds each and every one of us.   Not just the fact that we don’t know what’s waiting around every corner, every minute, of every day… week… month and year.  If we’re BEing in the “present,” all of life is one big mystery leaving clues that synchronistically we follow like birds and crumbs… hoping it leads to an oasis of blessings.

The unknown is a tough journey for some people though, not having the insight to see it or the power to control it is beyond their capability.   What we don’t know about our own Self even sometimes shows up to be a complete mystery.   What is it that we purposely don’t look at when we see into a mirror?   What is hidden underneath the surface of us all?  Can we live with the thought of what we don’t know and just watch it evolve as we go?  Can we rest in the truth of not needing to know until it is naturally revealed?

May be easier said than done; however, I’m encouraging you to live in a present state of Mysticism letting things unfold before you.  Breathe into it, and KNOW that there is a calling of those moments in between the past and the future.  Tap in to it, let it shift and change you, then follow where it leads.

On the wings & waves of the mysterious universe, I stream non-stop love & light to you all.

~ ❤ Shannon ❤ ~

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