Focused on Making a Fortune or Making a Difference?

Aqua People CARD

It is time to give back!  Wisdom Card Wednesday presents AQUA PEOPLE which suggests this truth.   The color aqua in its essence it is about communicating to others from our heart through creativity and/or service.  It is representing the artist who is connected with his/her muse by applying an infusion of passion and/or healing, translating and transmitting it to others through their authentic soulful work.

Do you think about making a fortune, or do you think about making a difference?  It’s time to give back!  We can use our own resources; we each have what we need!   We must nourish what has nourished us in the past ~ this will create balance.  If we give up VANITY and the need to “have it all,” we can then “be it all.”   What a great way to coexist with one another!

If you are feeling dissatisfied with your inability to pursue your form of art, be aware of not seeking to blame anyone else for this disconnection…rather, spend some time remembering what you love to create, or how you can be of service to others, and take baby steps to get yourself on the right track.

Since what we focus on is what we draw more of onto ourselves, it is time to acknowledge and thank those people who have loved us; only then will we begin to change our focus.

On the wings and waves of the Universe, I wish you a soulful connection with your muse,  ~ ❤ Shannon ❤ ~

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