Part of the Path

FaithWelcome to Wednesday where the love of personal and impersonal meet in the middle and bequeath to us knowledge & Wisdom.  It’s the moment in between the inhale of Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and the exhale of Thursday, Friday, Saturday.  It’s the heart~space; the place where it all comes together in a silent rest and acceptance of your chosen experience.

Grab a favorite blanket, quilt or throw and take time to lay under a tree today.  Breathe.  Relax.  Look up into the clouds.  Connect with the breeze and watch the leaves on the long branches of the grandfather tree slowly dance in the air, alive and celebrating their existence together.  Realize that you are part of it; you are the same.   Close your eyes and celebrate with them.  Become one with it ALL…THE ALL.

You are more than you think you are.  And what has previously frightened you is actually much smaller than you know.  When you are experiencing pain, holding on tighter will only deepen that feeling and summon your energy in a self-defeating way.   It begins to take on the existence of a blockage that you cart around daily, allowing it to pop in and out of control.  See that blockage….that rock…that fear being held in the palm of your hands like a brick.  It’s heavy; is it not?  And it is a just brick, not a whole wall that’s in front of you blocking you from clear vision, it’s simply a brick being held in your hands.  It’s supposed to be part of the path, just a component, not the entire journey.  Place that brick on the path below your feet where it was meant to be and step forward in FAITH.   Magically, it will light up like a crystal amethyst, brighten your future and allow you to shine.

Do not give up on life.  Follow wise counsel of the amethyst brick.  Accept your gifts.

Your greatness awaits!

As the leaves on the branches of the trees, I reach out far & wide sending you looooove, ~ ❤ Shannon ❤ ~

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