Warning: It’s About FORGIVENESS

cardrhondarhinoLet’s take a slow deep breath together with this one.  This card indicates a time of personal evolution.

There’s deep work to do.  Your gut feeling is right, it’s not for the faint of heart, but that’s fine because you and I both know we’ve seen it all, and the truth is our hearts are as strong as can be!  Don’t turn away now; you’re here for a reason.

It’s time to bring forward someone you are struggling to forgive.  In soulful work, we never need to forgive others; we only need to forgive ourselves for loving others who betrayed us.  This all about you; it is a time of healing for YOU.  Can you forgive yourself  for loving this person who hurt you?  The true essence of forgiveness lies in not harboring resentment, but in focusing on your intention rather than your pain.

If you’ve held on to pain so long that it actually altered the outcome of something important to you, it’s time to release that toxic energy from your foundation.  You are sourcing from that energy and that is not serving you for your highest good anymore!  It never was, it was just protecting you from having to face it.  However, it’s time to return to your natural state of peace once again.  Forgive your Self.

On the wings & waves of the universal One, I send you support in forgiving your Self,

~ ❤ Shannon ❤ ~

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