The 9 Angelic Realms

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It’s time for a new form of leadership in this world, and everyone is buzzing about it.  Together, let’s just fantasize for a moment that we have a team of Chief Visualization Officers who believe in the Angelic Realms!

Angels are formless, pure, unconditional love; they are as unique as your fingerprints!  In fact, no two angels are alike!  However, like our linear system of leadership, the realms are made up of a similar hierarchy.  There are nine angelic realms to be exact.  For instance:

The 1st Realm which is personal to each one of us, and the one we can physically connect with are our Guardian Angels.  These are our own exclusive assistants in all of our lifetimes, always here to support us for our growth.  We can have as many as we want; there is no limit, all you have to do is ask for an angel and <~bing~> just like magic, you shall receive one!

On the 2nd Realm of Angelic energy are the Archangels…you may have heard of them?!   Archangels are beings of light who influence groups and/or individual humans for the greater good.  There are many archangels; however, I am listing the four major ones:

  • Michael will help in overcoming fear and gives courage; he adds inner-strength within and helps clarify things when it’s foggy inside;
  • Raphael is a healer and an angel for light-workers like me doing their individual authentic purpose of finding and living in spiritual truth;
  • Uriel is a strong grounding force; a solid, steady anchor who supports us during times of challenge ~ he is all about forgiveness;
  • Gabriel is an angel who encourages unique expression through artistic communication of all kinds, including (but not limited to) writing, teaching, speaking, cooking, and all forms of art and interpretation.

Above this realm is the 3rd Realm of Principalities which watches over earth from just above the trees.  This means they have access to the airways to create visual messages and cloud formations!  Just this morning I saw a STAR!  Really, it was a star~cloud!  Look UP every once in a while…what do you see in the clouds?

The 4th Realm is made up of Powers ~ these are the protectors of the etheric world who guard the in-between space between Heaven & Earth, the “Celestial Realm.”  This realm marks the highest of the lower realms of which we have some type of direct and/or indirect access to.

The 5th Realm are the Virtues ~ these angels are cheerleaders, so-to-speak, for the lower angelic realms.  They supervise, motivate and guide the Powers, Principalities, Archangels and Guardian Angels.  This realm marks the lowest of the higher realms in which are the angels for our angels … the energy they seek as their Source.

The 6th Realm is made of the Dominions whom are “Divine Directors” and used as instruments for the lower angels to access for questions and answers.

The 7th Realm of Thrones are officers of high-energy channels directly from Source providing support to containers needing this.

The 8th Realm consists of the special Cherubim ~ the keepers of secrets, protectors of the sacred knowledge for those who help ascend a deep practice of prayer.

Finally, the highest 9th Realm is the Seraphim who protect the throne of our creator ~ A very important job, indeed!

Angels can only love.  They only see, speak, know love.  Angels are love!

Our angels can connect to us through music, nature, movement, meditation, stillness, or in our dreams.  When you’re called by one of these sources to enter your heart’s center be open to feel the love of your angels.

If you still have questions about YOUR angels, ask yourself what are the places and situations that create a sense of peace and love for YOU?  Feel that sense of peace and love as you recall this place, virtually go there in your heart and mind.  Feeeeeeel the feelings you know are there for you, and then imagine angels there with you. How do they look?  What do they say?  Do they have a gift for you?  Write about your journey afterwards .

You can also ask your angels for a message on any subject you’d like.  Try each of the following topics and write about any response you may receive….get externally and internally quiet and ask for a message on:

  • Abundance
  • Health
  • Relationship
  • Career
  • Creativity

And with that my friends I leave you to climb on the wings of my angels and ride the wild skies of this life we’re all in together!

Remember: I ALWAYS hold space for your highest good,

~ ❤ Shannon ❤ ~

To schedule a reading to receive a message from your angels,

txt or call Shannon at 310-617-5982

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