Law of Distraction

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Do you use the law of distraction to keep you from pursuing your dreams?  Many people don’t realize indirectly they are using distraction as a way to keep them safe from succeeding.   For instance, shiny things are commonly used as a tactical suggestion to look the other way which will buy you some time while still delivering the appearance that you’re engaged, keeping the faith, hanging on to the dream, and believing in the true purpose of your Self.   The fear of failure has a way of making one freeze up when it comes to following through on the baby steps it sometimes takes to start becoming that which you’ve always dreamed of.    Speaking of which…..

What is your dream?  Take time to think about your answer.  And if you have several, write them all down, stick them in a hat and pull one out!   This is the one that you can start with!  Congratulations, you’ve taken your first baby step in making it come true!  By identifying it, you’ve given it life; a space to exist, and approval to grow and manifest itself as your dream goal and intention.   Good job!

You’ve just pointed to a map and stated to the universe a loud, “I’m going here!”  Next, the map~genie ignites (aka the universe) and provides all the directions.  All you have to do is allow yourself to get on the bus, ride the wave, and go with the flow on the adventure of your life.  So, go ahead and just put a little virtual pin there in that spot so that you and map~genie won’t lose sight of it.  This is baby step number two.   Whoohooo, you’re now ready to take action steps to start your journey!

Keep in mind that the universal road can deliver slightly to the left or right… just a tad; however, if you follow your intuition and the signs of the unseen force that is at the wheel of the vehicle, you’ll reach your destination in no time.  You’ve now taken the most important step…getting started!

To help identify, pinpoint, and attain these dreams of yours, I am leading a workshop, baby step number three, making a “VISION BOARD” for 2017!  I invite you to pack up your creative side and join me at ZFabrique on Thursday, December 29th from 6-8pm to start your manifestation in motion.  Bring your theme, images, pictures, stickers, words, magazines, and all the inspiration you can muster up to summon what’s only the beginning of your amazing future!

Love donations are accepted.

See you there!!

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