“What’s on Your Mind?”

An excerpt from the Law of Attraction Class, “The Power of THINKING!”

The thoughts that you repeat and believe become instinctual.  This energy sources from what’s on your mind and assists in physically creating it in your life.   Additionally, thoughts can be driven by the various Chakra energy centers; therefore, in this case, what you are thinking about via the Solar Plexus Chakra is many times driven by something emotionally fueled from the Sacral Chakra ~ directly or indirectly ~ positive or negative; and created physically via the Root Chakra.   Likewise, it can work opposite also ~ so what you’re thinking (representing your intellect as well as instinct) can strongly affect your thoughts which in turn will spark your emotional reaction and then summon physical manifestation.  All of which can result in creating the energy-matching drama, experience, situation, and/or opportunity.

The good news is that we also have a “neutral observer” option available to download to our linear human adventure, which most people don’t even know about.  This is the aspect of you that simply observes what is going on but does not invest in it, neither emotion or contemplation; therefore no cause & effect.  By utilizing this tool, the neutral observer, there is NO judgment, no emotion and no “figuring it out.”  If you can use this technique, you will be able to create emotional discipline through your thoughts and eventually use that to benefit you in creating only magical changes in your life that you choose to invest energy into via the thoughts, actions and emotions by intentionally pursuit, i.e. Law of Attraction!

To learn more about this, join the Chakra 101 Class on Thursday nights from 6-8 OR the Law of Attraction Class (coming soon!) at the Root Chakra Healing Center!

In the meantime, I stretch out to each of you with loads love and light!   ❤ Shannon ❤

Call/Txt/Email for more info!

310-617-5982, therootchakra@yahoo.com

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