Sagittarian Full Moon Magic🌙

This Friday the 9th the Full Moon will be representing the fiery sign of Sagittarius.  Are you ready for the intensity, transformation and optimism that will be delivered during this phenomenal moon cycle?  Honestly, I’m happy to say “I’m a Sagittarian” during this magic moon energy ~ I really connect with it; however,  I’m just as loud and proud to shout the news that this is the time for EVERYONE to level up…all of us!   I want you to think about just one thing that you intentionally want to conceive, birth and/or grow during this month.   And I’m here to tell you that it is possible to succeed at it!

This full moon’s energy is wise.  It’s prompting our expansion.  While it is in the Sagittarius sign it will amplify your thoughts and feelings and bring more information to the surface of your consciousness.  You will be able to see in closer detail what is working or not working in your life.  It will also give you a chance to see what you’re manifesting with your thoughts, words and actions ~ are they positive or negative?  Is it time to change your story?  Don’t forget that when one door opens another one closes.  Be sure to allow completion during this time …making room for the journey of renewal and new experiences.

After this powerful moon, we will have clarity about what changes or adjustments need to be made in our lives.  Consequently there will be a need for new conversations and participation to follow those changes.  Will you notice the moments of the dreams you’ve been dreaming coming closer than ever?  Will you notice the opportunities which come forward to cause a natural shifting?  Now that we’re halfway through the year of new beginnings, it’s time to let our dreams live and breathe.  Even baby-steps will move mountains eventually, just keep marching forth.

Don’t forget to pay attention to synchronicity and chance meetings, recommendations, building your new network with ‘what-are-the-chances-of-that?’ moments!  They are going to start popping up more often to help us get started on the new chapters of our lives.  Be present for them.  Don’t miss them because you’re too busy looking backwards, living in the past.  Follow your divine guidance into the now…and then the future.  What does it look like, by the way?  Secure that visual, tweak it and work with it, but don’t ever lose sight of it.   How do I do this, you ask?  Focus on finding the joy in your life ~ what will make you happy?   Repeat the positive; delete the negative.  Keep your mind and heart open to follow the signs of the Universe.

If you need assistance in understanding and learning about any of the above, feel free to join one of our many classes, circles and groups or request an individual counseling session, reading, reiki or energy healing.  Still don’t know where to begin?  Call me, let’s just talk.  ❤

On the wings and waves of the Universe, I support all the blessings that are yours for the taking during this amazing Sagittarian Moon.




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