Wednesday’s Wisdom Reading

The “She Shaman” visits us today. This is one of my favorite cards mainly because I think she looks supercool and powerful and woman-warrior-like! But that’s not the only reason… she also brings a great message: She encourages one to let go of all the reasons you think you can’t, and asks you to allow yourself to CREATE instead and share the beauty that is yours to the core. If old ideas are blocking you from growth, or you’re feeling that your previous mission is complete, ask yourself if you’re ready to experience a new dawn ~ it’s time to open yourself to your divine inspiration!

“We are free to embark on our own light and find in ourselves the place of pure CREATION. She Shaman delights us in a final adieu by leading us to our own muse.” ~Tori Hartman

Don’t wait for anyone else’s permission to create your best life! By owning your gifts and talents you will open your heart to the magic and transformation that can be yours only…it’s specific and authentic to only YOU! Doesn’t that make you feel WONDERFUL!? Accept change and allow creation… connect with your soul’s purpose by embracing your muse. It’s time.

On the wings & waves of the universe, I send you loads of creative love ~ Rev. Dr. Shannon Paczkowski *-) 

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  1. Karen
    Apr 09, 2018 @ 22:45:01

    Love this! She-shamans were the first shamans…just a matter of remembering and coming back to the fire 🙂 thanks lovely lady! Xoxo



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