“The Keys To The Future Are Hidden In The Past”

An excerpt of the Root Chakra Law of Attraction Workshop

The power of your story is EVERYTHING that you stand for.  Your roots are your foundation; therefore, it is logical to understand where you’re sourcing your energy from. You have received your subconscious understanding on how to move through life from your family.  The habitual patterns drawn from ancestry are sourced from their roots, their experience, their lifetimes.  If that perspective comes from a limiting belief you can only move so far because it may not necessarily be your truth, so you may get stuck without being able to identify why.  When you think of manifesting something new into your life, knowing where you pull your energy from is very important!

“When we want to grow,

we must dig all the way into our roots!”

We have all heard the saying “consider the source;” therefore, the first work you need to do is to reveal what you got from your family and its history and whether or not it serves you for your highest good anymore.   If the revelation is that is does not, the work you need to do is showing up right there!   Take this opportunity to unlock your thoughts surrounding the past.

If you need guidance, a Chakra Reading can help reveal hidden contracts and/or where you’re sourcing your energy from.  Call or text me and let’s get started!

On the wings and waves of the cosmic universe and deep in the roots of Mother Earth, I vibe loooove directly to you!  🙂

Dr. Rev. Shannon Paczkowski ❤



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