~Dream of Bear Medicine~

Early this year I took the concerned advise from my family to take a break, and so I intentionally submerged myself into a personal hibernation.  They were right because, honestly…I was tired.  I was sad.  I was wounded.  And I was on the brink of an Awakening that was manifesting faster than I could manage it.   Unfortunately, I was also about to be hit with the emotional shock of losing my beloved oldest brother, my protector.

With the shifting and changes starting in the Fall ~ I went through a separation, I moved out of my 4th Street Shanti, and I turned my Home into a new Root Chakra Healing Shanti.   As I do, I accomplished so much all the while feeling entirely overwhelmed, exhausted and totally wrecked inside.  So I listened to the people who love me and on New Years Day I consciously took a full-on deep breath, plugged my nose, and plunged into the dark night of my soul for a quiet Winters’ rest.  I was retreating for what I thought would be the Winter when I dove into the deep sacred shadow space within to heal my soul & self; however, little did I know I would sleep all the way through Spring and not emerge until the Summer Solstice at which time I woke up through the following Dream of Bear Medicine.

I sat directly across from a dark skinned, long-black-haired reverent man with a bearskin saddled upon his shoulders.  He was staring at me from the opposite side of a circle through the flames of a soulful but raging fire.  I was lost in the words and wisdom of the meaningful medicine he was dishing out to anyone who was sitting in this sphere.  In my own world, I didn’t notice anyone but he and I.  My eyes were fixed on him and I knew it was a blessing to capture a moment where he looked up and met me inside the smokey air above the center of the pit.  I recognized a soft smile in his dark serious eyes, and in that exact moment I felt a wave of deep spiritual connection cross over from his heart to mine.  I caught a gasp of air through an immediate inhale…a quick deep breath that took me by surprise.

The next thing I knew I was energetically drawn within inches face-to-face with his more-than grand presence.  I was staring right at his throat as he reached out to me, pulled me into his chest and enveloped me in his massive arms that appeared like giant bearskin-wings which wrapped all the way around me, hiding me in the cave of his soul.  I could sense the eyes and snout of the beast towering over my crown as he began chanting a mantra softly over my ear.  I just melted, letting myself lean into him.  I felt summoned under his spell, but I knew I was safe.  I had become One within the energy of  his healing presence.  I felt lost and truly loved at the time we merged together…in mind, body, and Bear Spirit.   I dissipated completely into the nothingness of my Self and the everythingness of his Sacred Self.  My human ego and body had disappeared into him and i was gone.

I woke up laying below the hovering arms of a woman of wisdom.  Stretched out over me, her gentle intentional hands were patting my fever, she was blessing me with prayer, encouraging me to sip root tea that smelled and tasted like fertile soil.  I felt a dizziness in the realization that I had been sleeping for a long time, suffering through something that only she knew the cure for.  It seemed as if a fog was streaming out of my pours in a steamy release of my long-submerged emotion.

Recognizing his soft chant nearby, I turned my head to see Him through beading sweat droplets and feverish eyes.  It was the Bear Man and he was sitting silently, eyes closed, holding space within the waves of sound which were resonating from his heart space.  He was still here with me.  In this knowing haze I allowed myself to fall away again.

When I woke in the dream we were once again at that centered flame, this time gentle, sparkling, flickering flames were before me and I had a bearskin around my own shoulders now.  Feeling the last of the medicine still working within me, I felt a summoning of my body, and I was called to stand and dance through the edges of the magical fire before me.  I felt outside of myself, and there was no pain as I swayed my way to the side of the Bear man.  Following his lead I allowed my whole entire being to let go and flow with his energy mimicking his every move around the crackling light in a ceremonial celebration of sorts.

I wondered if I’d be reborn.

And then it all stopped.  He turned around and stood before me.  He said, “You’ve been given back the gift of your Self, my sleeping cub.”  He took my hand and placed it on my heart witnessing with me a strong consistent beat.  “Feel the deepness of true life flowing through you.   I know Who you are; I know What you are; I know Why you are.  It is now time for you to wake.  You are here.  You are free.  You are awake!”

Then I actually woke up.

Just like that, my hibernation had ended.

I feel extremely blessed to be visited in sleep by the Bear man who healed me with his Dream Medicine.   I have now calibrated to my waking and have begun again!  And I am now ready to guide you in whatever shifts, changes, hibernation & initiation you’ve experienced lately.

Please let me know if there’s any way I can be of support to you.  In the meantime…

…On wings, waves & bear medicine, I stream to you my very biggest bear hugs, Shannon


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Brother Matt
    Jul 21, 2019 @ 09:00:14

    Oh my gosh. I am stunned by the precision of your recollected dream! And touched by your talent in conveying it forward to help others. I am blessed to have such an awesome Bear-sister in my realm and look to the future with great hope for your even greater awareness, compassion and success.



  2. Peggy
    Jul 21, 2019 @ 16:04:15

    that was just beautiful, Shannon! Your connection to Bear is so strong and loving. Hes been your comfort through it all, for so long now. You are amazing, and I’m lucky to know you.
    Love and light, my friend. ❤



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