★Vision Quest ~ final day★

I woke to a welcoming 70-something summertime sunshine peeking through the windows of my tent.  It was early in the morning and I immediately went to my altar to meditate after an empowering evening the night before as I shared in my previous post, “Vision Quest ~ first day.”

The beginning of my quest the day prior was met with attention being drawn to a family of doves behind my apple tree who apparently were mourning a fallen family member and cleaning up the scene.  A fellow quester, tribe-mate and new friend later mentioned ‘this could be representing the heralding of new worlds about to open’ as we discussed the number 5’s meaning numerologically being change.

Have you ever had a moment when you asked your Self, “What has become dormant or dead in me perhaps?”  It’s something to ponder ~ don’t you think? ~ as you wander through the excavation of the moments you are silent and still enough for reflection.   Are you ever silent and still enough?

After the family had gone, I picked up one of the left-behind feathers of their deceased tribe member, and placed it upon my altar praying that it return to the light in pureness and blessing it for its time spent linearly.

Following that introduction, the entire 24 hours was filled up and overflowing with winged friends of all kinds: multiple varieties of birds, too many for me to name, but each  made its presence known and was acknowledged in their moment.

The quest experience overall included frequented flocks flying directly over me over the weekend attempting to gain my attention to deliver their message in that moment.  As I looked to the sky when each flock flew by, I thought of my fellow questers☆ and how maybe they were looking up as well.  Many miles apart but being one tribe in the energy of inner-and-outter silence, sensing only by resonance.

At one point in a meditation sitting at my altar, I had a fleeting thought of the previous fireside-time the night before, and the thoughts of letting go of who has been laid to rest in my heart of hearts.  A strong blustery gust of wind ~ a breeze of epic proportion ~ sailed right through my center chakra at that very moment.  It was oddly timed with my thoughts and the type of weather that day, and my heart aligned to it so I automatically lifted my chin drew in a long soulful breath and that’s when I heard it, “Let it go.  Let the past blow into the past.”   It continued for the rest of the day off and on, and each time the breeze came up strong and intentional I recognized the opportunity and I lifted my chin as if soaking up a sunbeam on a cool day, took a deep inhale and listened to the wind and repeated, “Let go.  Let the past blow into the past!”

Between breezes, meditations and prayers, hummingbirds fed on bright flowers gracing me with their presence most of the weekend.  They brought forward for me joyful thoughts of dreams come true, accomplishments and successes in my half-century-thus-far lifetime.  I was grateful that they were receiving nourishment from a natural source in my sacred space and that there was a lot of opportunity for them to feast upon in that hearty bush that rose from the ground over the fence in beautiful orange blossoms. 

There were lots of butterflies including the yellow monarch in which I was promised a universal love as eternal as the ocean and the waves of air in which it surfs upon.  What beauty the miracle of a monarch is made of.  Truly blessed am I, I thought, to have a paradise where all these winged creatures can thrive in a high-frequency environment of love, protection and openness.

Of course I knew that the grandfather dragonfly would not ever leave me to my inner-seeking without treasuring me with his reminder to trust in the power of my light while he hung out dancing all day to the music I created with my drum and singing bowl.  Dragonfly is my true winged love and a steady messenger for the last dozen years.  A huge Japanese Beetle was with me as well, talking to me of the action needed and required to fulfill my new goals!   And of course the journey would not have been complete without an over-friendly summertime mosquito who whispered in my ear many times how ‘super sweet’ I am.

Phenomenally, I was greeted eye to eye with one winged friend carrying another fallen comrade, a bee, and literally it hovered before me and air-dropped it at my feet in front of my altar!!  I thought on this one for a while until the new friend who offered me her thoughtful insight, reminded me that there are always new choices and options in any given moment to produce the honey I desired in my life.  I blessed the bee and sent it to the light with the other who’d made its transition in my camp.

Specifically, the 3rd flock was approximately 20 or more black crows circling my space and landing in tree next door.  They cawed to me an invitation to participate in the quest to co-create with the Divine Creator manifested inside of me, light and shadow alike, ego and spirit.

And finally, the 4th being a flock i saw at the very end of quest time, separating in mid-flight, having the insight and intuition that it was time to go in different directions!  A truly amazing natural and synchronistic moment in the midst of doing the same with my vision quest flock at the end of our journey.

It didn’t stop there with me.  I came out and spent the day outside at my camp for two additional days being gentle and mindful of my re-entry into the “delusional world” in which I originally sprung from when I crossed that threshold only days before.

I brought back a new view, a cleansed aura, a clear intention of how I will go forward which I will share with you all via this blog more often than I have been.

So I will talk to you all again soon; in the meantime, i send each and every one of you the divine love you deserve.  And I deliver it on the wings and waves of Universal good vibes, and I receive same from you as you reflect it back.

Peace & Love,

Dr. Rev. Shannon Paczkowski

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