New Vision & Quest


I hear the call, feel the pull, see the need … to take action.  Even if my docile nature would have preferred to stay asleep, the option is no longer available to me.  I asked and now I must respond to the cause and effects of waking up.

This time of “awakening” is upon us all.

Times have changed.  Life has changed.  We each have changed.  Once its understood that the ability to be on a higher frequency with our Creator is available and we make the intentional choice to be one with that Source…everything changes.

It’s time to embrace the ways that each of us show up as authentic unique individuals on a journey to discover the connection to their Source which is the Source for All of us.

“The time for recognition of yourself as a Divine Being has come.  Period.” 

~ The Teachers from Channeled Book by Paul Selig, “I Am The Word.” ~


We have come here into this life to realize ourselves as a manifested form of the Creator…that is what we were intended to be.  This is the mission of every man…every woman…the life force we’ve each been bequeathed.


“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.”

~ Rumi ~


I am asked by Spirit “Will I can agree to see others in a space of impartiality and acceptance?”  I answer, “Yes!”  As I journey this unfamiliar terrain to seek a tribe, I ask the same question to you.  Can you?  Will you?

So here I AM… raw, unmasked, no warpaint upon my cheeks.  I’m taking a leap in total faith.  I come in peace and love.  Scared to death, I’m starting with me.  I’m ‘going all in’ on a strong breeze of belief in a supernatural power that is called the human destiny which will reveal a connection between All and rebuild the forgotten village of truth.

The promise we’re given as we trek our way through this crazy jungle called life is to rediscover this village and become a family.  We will become seen in our wholeness and realized to the extent that we align to the vibration of the aspect in ourselves that is One with Source.  What is Source?  It is the foundation of this kingdom we seek, and We are its essence.

How do we each become become this vibration?  By recognizing and identifying with our Soul-Self ~ see our individual Divinity, embrace our Higher Power, trust in God ~ it is within each of us.  Realize that we are a ying and yang of Ego/Human & Spirit/Soul and build a relationship with the Soul-Self going forward.  The goal is to put Spirit/Soul into the drivers seat of the Ego/Human, set the GPS, and let it escort each and every one of us to the destination of our authentic purpose; of which, no two are the same.

We will be faced with a battle of Ego many times on this journey, it’s the human perspective derived by the many generations of our family belief systems and programming.  Many cannot see past the human perception and view; therefore, together we’ll face it head-on, brothers and sisters!  The adventure to Truth is a course correction that many of us painfully need (and cry out for).  We follow each and every crumb along our path hoping it will lead us to find our way home many times finding ourselves lost with a need for forgiveness.  It will take us home friends, if we allow ourselves to be lead by the Soul-Self instead of the Ego-Self.

We must be brave and courageous, however, and willing to ask Source, “What is next for me to do?” then listen to the inner answer.

As we step into this territory, we will find much of it is uncharted.  It can be magical though, if we think of it as an expedition inside out and upside down, a revelation in perspectives, a discovery of consciousness resulting in transformation.  Sometimes it’s ugly and we find requirements to question it all while simultaneously we accept the journey over and over again.  We’ve been given an opportunity to become aware of the True Source of who we are and what’s at the center of each of us ~ the unseen, unheard, but not unknowing us.  This is the gift of the process.

To start, simply introduce yourself and request Source’s friendship, then:

  • Make It your best friend.
  • Be mindful of what you’re feeding your Ego-Self…make sure it’s being holistically sourced through the newly-embraced side of your Soul-Self.
  • Be thoughtful with your words ~ we are what we say, what we speak, what we express as.
  • Align your thoughts and words with your highest intention for good.
  • Share your true self with others.

As for me, in the agreement to answer the call of my heart, I may need to stick my head far into the clouds to channel the words of truth.  My intention and promise is to share through any fear of judgement that comes up.  I vow to open up my wings wide and embody this commitment.

Please know that I AM a work in progress; I AM a student of this work;  I AM growing as I go; and if your heart hears its call like mine does, I AM inviting you to take this journey with me.

This is my new vision; my new quest.  Join me.

On wings, waves and words that help shape our world, I stream you peace & lotsa chakra love.

Rev. Shannon Paige Paczkowski, PhD.

Root Chakra Healer


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