Rise & Shine

We are in a time, the moment in history of mankind, when we have an opportunity to become One with our soul’s destiny.

Does that excite you like it does me?  Maybe it’s a form of “spiritual geekism” but hey the truth is that even just being able to possibilitize the thought of a soul’s true destiny is reason for millions of years worth of celebration!

We can start by waking up and listening.  What do you hear? 


Chances are that many of us hear similar messages but we don’t know it because we only have one view and that’s from our own two eyes standing on our own front porch looking from the inside of our peripheral boundaries.  That’s the perspective we begin again with every single day.  We walk down those steps in the vehicle called “You” & “Me” facing the world as it aligns itself in every moment before our eyes.

What do you see before you, Brothers & Sisters?


Stop.  Look.  Listen.  Which collective have you chosen to partner with in your journey and endeavor to grow through this life?  You’ll know just by observing what shows up along your journey.  What, if any, truth does it speak to you?  To find out, turn that question inward and ask if it truly aligns; and if so, then ask “What can I learn from it?  What is next for me to do?”  Then stay still and listen to what thought, message, idea pops up into your mind…and just like that, there’s your answer.

On the flip side, many times we are wakened to the fact that it’s not our truth that we’re experiencing and we realize the truth is that it’s been programmed into us to believe that this is what we’re supposed to do in our life.

Is this is the path you’ve been taught to believe is yours because it was rooted in the foundational soil for many years in a generational family template?  We can take a look deep inside those roots and ask if this is still for our highest good and know that there is an option for change if we choose.

It’s comfortable for some of us to follow the family rules while growing up.  It becomes habit until we are adults.  There comes a destination on the journey when we encounter the fork in the road, where we get to choose another path if we want.  This is the moment it’s time to rise and shine.  It’s time to wake up!

This is what is referred to as an “Awakening.”  There are millions of levels of waking up, depending on which chakra we’re sourcing our energy from at any given moment, but any time you stop, look, listen and choose intentionally for your highest good, you’re in it!

Some of us don’t pay attention and blow right through that intersection at those crossroads…not even slowing down to read the signs our truth has set out before us.  Others will take the time to stop and contemplate the opportunity that may resonate.  It triggers within us a soulful desire to find out what the opportunity and experience may be like, what it may hold in store and those are the moments where we connect and follow our destined path.

Since we all are being realized through this body and this voice and the actions we choose to represent us, it should be important to make sure it’s our truth, right?!

So friends, hear this alarm if you’re so called, now is the time for all of us to rise up and let ourselves shine!  Choose to be all up in your glory!  Be the extreme version of your Self!  The singular One within the aspect of the Creator that You are representing!  Why not allow your Self to be the best it can possibly be!

If all of this brings up some fear for you it’s possibly showing you what parts of you need to “heal.”  Working against the flow, having confusion, or feeling we’re on the wrong path to our truth can cause depression, anxiety, and other dis-eases that we’ve partnered with in the separation of connecting with our true Self.  I understand, it’s scary to create intentional change and believe in something that cannot be seen or heard; however, participating more heavily in an experience through the Ego, and ultimately how we’re programmed in many different ways is to unintentionally forget who you truly are in your soul-self aspect.

Our families are efficient and strong and sure of the paths they have culturally built over generations of trial and error which is what their purpose may have been, but at this time in history and “awakening” we are to expand those rules and grow our cultures in a way of bringing them together, loving together, living, and being as One together within a collective Human Race in all our our diverse beauty!

If you can picture your energetic self as a sphere and embeded in that sphere is the ying & yang, half and half, light and dark sides…see that as you!  You are made up of both aspects.  It’s a partnership of Ego/Human Self & Spirit/Soul Self.

Our goal in this life is to attain/maintain a balanced partnership with both aspects.  If we can allow our Soul Self to be behind the wheel and drive our Human Self to and through its truth, it will deliver us each to our purpose to do the one thing that only You can do in the way that only You can do it, from the voice that only You can speak to the people that are in Your circle; with the love that only You can give!

We each have a purpose.  What’s yours?


Think about it.

On wings & waves of the collective, I choose You to be my truth.

Shannon Paige ❤

PS.  If you want to dig deeper into what YOUR PURPOSE is, I am here to guide you in your Awakening.  Let us Rise & Shine together!  ❤

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