One~Winged Woman

A year ago in October I became a single woman for the first time in over 25 years.  I’ve pretty much had one handful of relationships my whole life, each of them being very significant to my growth, especially the last one wherein I finally found myself facing off with my deepest wound, Grief.

That November I camped by myself for the first time ever.  It was an amazing journey wherein I was gifted a huge bird wing from the Universe.   A treasured discovery with a message of ‘learning to fly,’ I named myself a “One-Winged Woman.”

And it was on 11/11/18 at 11:11pm that I wrote this poem while in my tent alone, with the blessing of a lighted pen, the wing by my side and beautiful surreal drumming vibes coming from not so far off. I thought I was writing about myself… and I was …but in the wake of my big brother’s unexpected transition this year I woke up on a summer morning thinking about these words and him.   I exposed this piece that day from a very soulful space in my heart.

And now in this moment, another November, I find myself looking back in the rear-view mirror of 2019 and I realize that it’s also about Us…All of us wakening.   It’s about spreading each of our wings wide open…extended so much that the tips of our feathers will touch one another while we’re suspended in the flow of our collective life.

And now, for the second time, I feel a courage … a cawing to share this poem I wrote by a tiny light in the dark one night night while echoing thoughts of flight helped guide me to write, “I See Me:”

Above it all, I see me
Holding space for others, grounded as a tree
Infinite as the sky
visible to my inner-eye
Vast and deep
relentless in love
summoning my Self to the clarity above
Sultry and longing to its calling I sway
my wings unfold and I sail away.

Above it all, I see me
There I AM spirited and free
Wings wide open riding waves of air
No boundaries
No rules
No burdens to bare.
Every day a new desire
Every hour a journey within
Every moment feeling inspired
Every breath full circle I spin
There I go, in full~feathered flow
On the soulful flight of my life I go.

Above it all, I see me
Ego aside, connected spiritually
Walking and talking in this dream “On Air”
while standing on Earth looking way up there
Calling to the wind to take me away
when I sometimes feel I don’t want to stay
Loneliness and pain, howling at the moon
wanting love to save me while deep in swoon
Again I will ride
All ways I abide
I open my heart
I breathe and be
And once again I see me.

11/11/2018 ~ by Shannon Paige

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Matt
    Nov 24, 2019 @ 11:51:43

    S: thank you for sharing this again. It is even more potent the second time. XO



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