Chakra Balancing

I believe health and well being begins at the level of energy within my body.
We all have energy centers in the body, starting at the base of your spine and continuing up to the crown of your head. Each of these energy centers corresponds to major nerves within your physical body, as well as your psychological and spiritual state of being. When your chakras are in alignment and fully activated, your intuition will work together with your emotions and your physical body to achieve balance, contentment and happiness within your life. It’s essential to pay attention to your chakras and to keep them open in order for energy to move fluidly throughout your body. When there is blockage, energy is unable to flow easy, smooth and peacefully. Maintaining balance and openness can be challenging, no doubt, but with mindfulness and intention you hold the power to shift, re-calibrate and therefore improve your well being.


Root Chakra

I named my blog Root Chakra Healing because while we’re living this linear physical life on Earth it is the root chakra which shows us our manifested experience.  That which we see out-pictured in our life is exactly where the seen and unseen energy has been participating.   Because we are in this life together, we are affected by other’s energy as well.  Sometimes those energies program or wound us in ways which we subconsciously hold on to and use as a field of protection on our journey, which isn’t always a good thing.  We hang on to what we fear in this regard; therefore, we close ourselves off to learning, moving on, and experiencing our highest good.
When we continue to allow past experiences to govern the future, we create imbalance in our soul~center.  Not just the root, but it affects all chakras eventually…causing dis~ease.  This is the reason Chakra balancing is important.  Cleansing, clearing, balancing and activating the chakras is a powerful session I offer which also extracts stress and anxiety, instilling peace and harmony within the energy centers.
The Root Chakra is located at the base of your spine and is associated with the color red. When your Root Chakra is balanced, you feel grounded, safe and secure with a deep connection to your body and Mother Earth.
When doing a sacred Root Chakra Ritual session*, I gather black and red stones (Tourmaline, Hematite, Garnet, Red Calcite are wonderful Root stones and easy to find) a red candle, and a grounding oil blend (I use my original Muladhara Ritual Oil blend).  I start with a smudging of white sage, light the candle, anoint myself with the beautiful sacred oil and breathe into deep stillness; then, when my mind is clear and focused, I repeat the following mantras:
“Today, I am present in my body.”
“I am a divine being, protected by Spirit and secure within nature.”
“I release fear and gain trust in the process of life.”
“I am grounded, centered, and fully present.”
“I am worthy.”
“I belong.”
For deeper guidance, tools, and exercises to effectively unblock your Chakras, book a future session with me here.  I’ve opened my calendar for late April having faith that we will all be out and about again, returning to our normal activities.
In the meantime, on wings and waves of the Universe, I hold space for the whole, healed, happy, healthy, wealthy & wise within each and every one of us.
Peace, Love & Good Health,
*NOTE: In a Ritual Session with me, you will be gifted the oil, crystals, stones and written mantras when the Chakra Ritual is complete.

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  1. gibrangibran123
    Mar 24, 2020 @ 09:22:29

    Significant post. Especially now!

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