My Prayer Mala Story

Shown: Flower Agate

Coincidentally, I bought a $50 mala months before my brother Mike passed away unexpectedly. It was a standard no-frills full 108 beads on… I’m not sure what type of thread they were strung on. At the end was a pretty tassel representing the buddha bead. I loved that mala and used it every day as a prayer-commuter driving to work.
When he died I carried it with me constantly. It started to be my companion, the connection to my big brother.♡ It kept me strong, feeling safe and loved…I couldn’t be without it!☆
Can you imagine the heartbreak I felt when it broke and the beads went flying everywhere!?! I was so disappointed that this sacred piece was not strong enough to withstand my powerful prayer! So I endeavored to make myself a replacement.
A full 108-bead mala, finished with a stunning faceted vintage chandelier crystal to represent the infinite-year-old tradition of prayer with an authentic buddha bead.☆  It is double strung and knotted to make sure nothing could ever break it! I needed my mala to last forever! It turned out so well that I kept making them! Now I want to share them with You!☆ Each mala I make is strong enough to get us through anything and everything!☆
I’ve been making Prayer Bead Malas ever since!☆ This is a spiritual power tool no magical being should be without! Specifically infused with each stones essential aspect for healing while hand knotted during a Sanskrit chant. I pray, chant, and sleep with mine! I wear it as a beautiful long boho necklace or on my wrist. It’s also gorgeous as a room or window adornment, they can bring enchantment to any sacred space.☆

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Not shown: #plum Blossom Agate #blackobsidian #fireagate #honeyjade Golden #tigerseye #greenaventurine #treeagate #clearquartz #pietersite and the very rare Maifanitum!☆
Text me at 310-617-5982 if one calls your name and you’d like to claim it as yours!☆
I’m happy to send pics and offer discounts on purchases of 1+.
*NOTE: Instructions included. All are very limited in quantity.
On the wings & waves of prayer, I wish you each the love of a mala.
PS.  I love you, Shannon

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gibrangibran123
    Oct 14, 2020 @ 08:18:08

    Beautiful sentiment. Beautiful work.



  2. Root Chakra Healing
    Nov 01, 2020 @ 11:31:58

    ♡thank you♡



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