A Gift of Shift

It was the day before Christmas and I was trying to find one last roll of wrapping paper.  I was driving out of a local shopping plaza which turned into a bit of a maze: left here, right there, another left, then down a little alley which then led out to the main boulevard.  At the end of the alley was a diagonally parked car and a family ~ mom & dad with two small children.

The car got my attention first, it was an old purple minivan with alot of rustic patina on the patchworked paint.  It was almost magical in an unfortunate way.  I admired the soul of it, imagining its great adventures as I approached.  That’s when the family came into view.

The dad was holding a sign that was too light for my middle-aged eyes to read…even with glasses…but let’s be honest, someone holding a sign where lots of cars or people are passing only means one thing, they need money.

Out of the corner of my eye what I was able to see is the mom trying to keep her two babies busy while dad was at work.  I felt her concern, her fear, and her frustration in keeping those two in sight as they were scattering like little puppies behind her back.  It all happened so fast and before I knew it I was at the street waiting my turn to merge into traffic, but I sort of froze instead contemplating the scene I was just a few feet past.  It all fell into slow motion, like in a dream, and all the sudden I knew I had to give them whatever I had.

Luckily, the car quickly coming up behind me was still a little ways away so I honked my horn and rolled down the passengers window simultaneously while digging deep into my right-hand Levis pocket for the five dollar bills my son had given me before walking out the door asking if I’d grab a couple cans of Arizona while on my search.  The man came rushing over realizing what I was doing.  I handed him a wad of folded cash as he blessed me intensely with watering eyes and a smiling face.

When he disappeared, I looked in my rearview mirror and saw that the car behind me was summoned into the energy of giving as well and we became altogether a trilogy of blessing one another.  My heart smiled when I looked over my right shoulder and saw the man’s energy was lifted as he went rapidly to his wife to hand over the loot with joy, and in a flash I was at normal motion speed again and turning right to continue on my journey.

As I was driving I thought about what just happened, what an amazing shift I had just been a part of.  I felt great, but within seconds I wished I could have done and/or given more.  I knew I had a ten dollar bill in my wallet, and slightly regretted that I didn’t have enough time in that moment to dig into my purse and give them that instead.  I thought for a second about turning around and going back but I became aware that I was shifting into an ego-state as if what I had done and given wasn’t enough, but it was enough!  I came to the understanding that it was exactly what I was supposed to give.  I know that because that’s what it was; that’s what I could reach; it’s what I thought of first; it’s what I had.  And then something told me that I would encounter someone else that would also need money.  I proceeded to shift into an awareness deep in the wholesoul part of me that this was their journey to experience.

In my mind, body, soul I streamed them blessings with an easy, smooth, peaceful resolution to whatever they may be facing and I continued to my next destination with gratitude for the opportunity to give what I had and be a partner to something bigger than my ego.

The day after Christmas, I made a quick trip to the grocery store to get some missing ingredients for a homemade soup I was cooking.  It could have been the exact time of day, honestly, as my earlier experience.  I came out of the store and saw a man out in front of the store standing with his eyes to the ground.  He looked up at me gently and started to say a word, but I quickly told him that I didn’t have any cash on me while reaching into my purse to check for change.  I retrieved five quarters.  He blessed and thanked me as I caught up with my cart headed to find my car in the lot.

Along my short journey I went into a feeling of slow motion again, my mind just slowed completely down.  I heard and saw something in that deep space of awareness, that present moment…I felt a sense of brotherhood…I felt his despondency…his energy felt so low and beaten down, but there was a reverence to him in my heart and I felt a oneness that was tangible.

I loaded my groceries in the car and I dug into my purse, found my wallet and pulled out that ten dollar bill.  I knew it was meant for him so I slid it into the abyss of that same right-hand Levis pocket which was quickly taking on the life of a ‘Mary Poppins magical bag,’ and started to roll the cart back to the front of the store.  I walked up to him and said, “It must be your lucky day, look what I found in my pocket!” and I spread out the bill so he could see it was a ten.  I handed it to him and just like the other man I saw myself in the reflection of his watery-welled-up eyes.  He bowed to me with his hands in the praying position and I returned the same blessings to him.

I watched him for a moment while preparing to drive away and I saw him in full motion, moving his body, stretching his back, lifting his legs.  I witnessed his energy waking up!  I felt so blessed to be able to actually see his energy shifting into abundance, joy and faith that there was more where that came from!

In that moment, I was filled with gratitude for the opportunity I was given to:

  • be in my awareness

  • be still enough to feel, see, hear the truth

  • be called to help a fellow in a time of need

  • be reminded that God is everywhere

  • be able to witness the effect it had on both of us

I drove past him leaning over to cast a peace sign through passengers side window, we locked eyes and he waved back.  We were acknowledging the great feeling of universal love.

You never know when someone will make your day!

On wings, winds and waves of universal brotherhood, I wish you the gift of shift!



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