The Fairy Sweater

I woke up early on this frosty Friday morning, a Sunny Southern California treat indeed!  I put on my usual favorite comfortable 70-something wintery west-coast outfit which consists of flippies on my feet, leggings under my cut-off summer shorts, and an old reincarnated relaxed t-shirt.  Today my tones are in greens…ahh yes, my heart is open on this blessed day.  I’m feeling grateful today as some days have been a struggle in these crazy Corona-times.I’m in my head listening to my thoughts of feeling just a wee chilly when I came upon a vision of my favorite sweater.  I had a moment of slight panic when I realized I haven’t seen it or worn it at all this year, mostly due to staying at home and away from the virus.  A lot has changed in my life this year, as so many other’s also navigating the demands of survival on so many personal levels.

In my minds eye, I could see exactly where I left that sweater last so I went to that space and found it hiding beneath the other three.  “Thank you God” I recall thinking to myself as I slid my arms into one of the long oversized soft sage-green sleeves.  Mmmmmm, just as I remember.  I pulled it up to my face and breathed it in fully, it felt like seeing an old friend after coming home after a long vacation.  It smelled that way too, clean but stuffy, a bit musky, ready to be opened up, aired out, and lived-in again as I wrapped myself up in its big snug bear hug.  As I pulled it close to my chest, I felt a gentle prick of a thick piece of desert straw poke my arm.  It was then, that the story of this fairy sweater and its memory came to life again.

It was November 10th, 2018, I traveled alone to Desert Hot Springs to the Love Fairy Fest a new event created by a fairy friend and inner-circle of magical beings.  I wanted to support their endeavor so I reserved my attendance for what I thought would be a long weekend of adventure, fun and fantasy, but the deep truth was I needed to heal what turned out to feel like a lifetime of grief, and wide open spaces seemed the perfect opportunity.

I was nervous and anxious to be on my own out of my comfort zone away from home for four days of camping in a tent that was loaned to me by the husband who had just moved out.  He told me he wasn’t happy anymore.  What that really meant was that he had another woman waiting.  I held him as he cried and I listened to all the reasons why.

I cried too as I fought with that tent.  I was angry because pieces were missing.  Memories of the few times we’d used it together flooded my eyes and got stuck in my throat as I thought about how many times I kept my mouth shut again and again.  I took so long trying to jerry-rig the mess that I ended up finishing it in the dark with stakes that a new tent-neighbor ~ another true fairy indeed ~ loaned me.  What a joke that tent was but alas I came to make friends with it enough to make it finally work.  I tested it by crawling in on my hands and knees, exhausted, scared, frustrated, but feeling grateful that the hardest part was over.  I laid on my air mattress staring upwards knowing it was a brave act that I was here at all.  I wondered if I could be stretching myself so wide that possibly I erased all boundaries of what I thought I could do.  I took a deep breath, rolled over and knocked out with my arms tucked into each other and slept that night fully clothed.  Safe. Sound. Successful indeed.

The day before, I packed lightly for my adventure into fairyland.  I was going to be in the hot desert where it’s normally over 100 degrees so I thought nothing about going so light that I actually neglected to bring anything to keep me warm in case it got even just a bit blustery…which of course it did.  The wind-chill factor was a force to reckon with in the late afternoon and evening, which luckily I could withstand…and did.

The first morning there, I went to go check out the scene, locate facilities, clean up, greet people, and read the agenda for the fest.  Amongst my area travels I met a woman who was ~ well, recklessly enchanting says it best.  She was tall, thin, and wrapped up in a rustic woolish shawl shaded in rich earth tones.  She was smoking a cigarette which I felt was odd for a fairy.  We talked for a little while and found ourselves to enjoy one another’s company.  A slight breeze came through our light~hearted conversation and I reacted with a tiny shake that came from the inside out.   She asked me if I had a cover, and I told her the story about my silly notion and vision of the desert being perfectly warm weathered for the weekend, and we simultaneously shared a little snorted-laugh about that.   Outside of that very moment I literally saw her eyes shift in a way I knew a mission was born.  She pulled the warm shawl from her own shoulders and attempted to drape it around mine with the best of intentions; however, she was many sizes smaller than I and it basically draped around my neck.  We both played the card to our best abilities knowingly shrugging it off acting as if it was absolutely perfect.  It did actually make a nice thick scarf!  We wrapped up our conversation quickly, and she left me with a wave as we continued to our next individual destinations of the fairygrounds.

It was early that afternoon, after having attended a welcome ceremony followed by a meditative workshop, and an inspirational talk given by a beautiful soulful woman who appeared to have been through hell and back, I ran into my friend once again.  I saw her approaching me and she was carrying another wrap of some type.  As we met she held it out with both arms and offered it to me acknowledging that the first one wasn’t that great of a fit.  I gladly exchanged one for the other and pulled it around myself thanking her.  It was a blanket this time, way more than a cover but received with love nonetheless.  It was a soft black brightly printed zebra rainbow pattern, it was swirly and full of the fairiest of fairy energy.  As she turned and walked away I snuggled up under a desert pepper tree nearby and felt grateful again.  After a nice little break there, I returned to my tent to drop off the blanket knowing all the nights I am there, I will sleep with it over me as snug as can be.

In the later afternoon, I heard an announcement for an experience I felt called to very deeply.  I didn’t understand some of the terminology I barely heard from afar, but the description was all I needed.  It was about transformation.  I was ready for that!  So I headed over to the area they were starting in.  I sat as one of the dozen-or-more in a circle with a shaman sitting Indian style in the center with a little pouch and a box of tissues.  He described what was about to happen and I sat quietly with a slight panic but a determination to rise above any fear and allow my true self to emerge in what he claimed as a feeling of “pure joy.”  I wanted that!  I watched as one-by-one would flow from the outter circle to inner circle which acted now as a ground-level stage where ones on the outside could watch to see what happens before they decide to crawl up to the altar and receive the offering.  I saw the shaman give them instructions to breath while he prepared a bended pipe type of tool by dipping it into a medicine bag of an herb-based powder called “Rapéh” (pronounced “Ha-peh”) which is a sacred and legal herbal snuff from the indigenous peoples of the forest.  It is said to heighten the awareness and the senses, clear and align your mind, your instinct, your intuition, and help promote cleansing of the body and soul.  It is usually made from a variety of sacred tobacco leaves, powdered and mixed with different types of herbs and tree ash, then ground into a fine, aromatic powder that is blown into the nostrils.

I observed most of the circle go up and receive this “blessing.”  I saw them retreat outside of the circle to enjoy the effects in the natural environment.  I saw most of them cry for the first minute or two, seemingly it was out of joy not pain of any kind judging by the high-ish smile on their faces.  After the tears were shed you’d see them stretching in yoga positions, hugging one another, watching clouds, laying upside down, doing handstands or whatever else their souls were called to.

The moment came when I decided it was my turn.  I crawled up in front of him and sat, obviously nervous.  He sensed my newness and eased my mind by assuring me I’m fine, teaching me how to breathe.  His soothing calm voice helped me to let go of all apprehension and I felt myself shift into a feeling of love.  I sat still and steady as he placed the pipe into my nostril and blew the powder swiftly up my nose.  I felt the burn of the first as he quickly finished the process with the second nostril.   I think I felt it travel up to my brain.  I was sure it was burning all congestion and calcification from here to there, intending for it to reach my pineal gland in the exact precise way it was meant to.  I knew I was okay and retreated to a space nearby and I started crying.

Tears are generated for several reasons with this form of healing; mine were tears of grief.  Every tear I had held back since I was an 8-year-old injured child was flowing now.  Fifty years of tears streamed down my cheeks like a river of love.  Once it was noticed I’d been crying much longer than others, people started to surround me with loving support and a lot of hugs.  Soon I was embraced by many arms, strangers telling me I was perfect, whole, beautiful, complete, and very loved.  I assured them in an emotional whisper that I was not in pain, it was only grief, but they already knew.  They encouraged me to allow it to flow and so I cried deeply for at least an hour straight.  Eventually each of them sweetly left my side to give me space.  I was neither here nor there with needing to be alone, but I felt good once I was.

Finally catching my breath, everyone having moved onto their next experience, I started to walk away too when I came upon another sighting of my beloved fairy.  Each encounter being sacred I felt comforted by the presence of her approach.  She had another gift for me.  It was a perfectly over-sized, loosely-knitted, soft, sage green, knee-length sweater.  I engulfed myself in it immediately and felt not only its warmth, but its essential energy of loving kindness.  At the time, I didn’t know where she got it, or whose it was, but she said that another fairy friend had donated it for me.  She gave me a hug and disappeared again…for good this time.   I remembered seeing it on someone but it wasn’t until this morning, years later, that the person came into my visualization.

The fairy sweater was a true sacred gift from an authentic angel with a voice straight from heaven, hand delivered by a magical fairy-friend whom I never saw again.  I know not either of their names.  Fairy magic at its very finest for sure.  I stream them so much love.  Until we meet again, sistars.

On wings, winds and waves, I wish you angels & fairies on your sacred journey,

Love, Shannon Paige

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  1. gibrangibran123
    Jan 12, 2021 @ 08:13:14

    Dearest Seestor, I’ve just now read your marvelous Fairy Sweater writing. There is so much to say, I can’t even think of where to begin. Suffice it to say I think you are incredible. Starting from the aspect of taking a risk-vacation like that in the first place to the even riskier aspect of writing about it. Amazing. The doing. The openness. The acceptance. The confluence of energies. The fairy miracle(s). Needless to say, I was touched by the story and its results, and proud to know the person who so ably and willingly and lovingly has passed the experience along. It pains me to know how much anguish had built up within you; but feel now that through your strength and character you have allowed a purging and cleansing that has changed you for good. It is with great reverence (and a little envy) for your inherent ability to get in touch with your true self, the only thing truly matters. And, great admiration for your ability to remember, relay and write about it (and other experiences) so succinctly. I have said it before and I will repeat it here: I hope you are printing and filing these writings away somewhere. They are an inspiration and should be published. Thank you for sharing this experience. And please let me know if you would be comfortable with my sharing it too. As always with love, Your brother M.

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    • Root Chakra Healing
      Jan 12, 2021 @ 11:43:37

      Matt, Thank you for always receiving the true stories of my sacred journey so openly and lovingly, seeing their truthfulness enfolded in the words that come forward via what I feel is my true expression…and on the level of my comfortability (even though it really is scary as hell to share). So many years had built up in anguish only due to my being so totally brave and strong, following the relentless calling to navigate the jungles of every day life ~ good, bad, and ugly ~ all in the name of whole-soul growth. I’m so lucky to have a our wonderful family to support me on this great adventure.

      I use my blog as the “storage” of my stories; however, soon, I do hope to publish them in a book so I’ve been gathering my collection altogether to see what I have to play with in that endeavor. New stories and other creations are lining up as well! 🙂

      As ALWAYS, in ALL WAYS I have so much gratitude for your words of encouragement, guidance, and the best of brotherly love a sister could ask for.

      Sincerely…thank you.




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