Soul Holders

There are unrecognized natural nurturers in this world that hold our souls in a space of truth, wellness, growth, evolution and love.  These aren’t only the nurses or caregivers of our world I’m referring to; not just the people that chose the important profession of escorting a return of good health to those who are lost, have been found, who are tripped over, personally challenged, or went the wrong way on a one-way.  No.  I’m talking about an expanded version of that realm.  I’m bringing the invisible caregivers forward and on stage to now take a bow.

I’m talking about our friends and family, the inside circles of constant support coming to aide the unseen parts of us that may have unknowingly agreed to conquer the hardest things in life.

There are ‘soul holders’ on the outside of our circles too, yes ~ via the six degrees of Kevin Bacon…or separation ~ a theory that mutual acquaintances develop a constant creation of bigger and bigger circles of energy that can help us rise when we’ve fallen down, been knocked over or just feel totally wrecked.  And it is so hard ~ isn’t it? ~ to get back up and on your feet again…all on your own.

Sometimes a known or unknown passerby will somehow someway pull you up that day and give you the strength to keep on keepin’ on…a true root chakra random act of unconditional kindness that is unseen by millions every day.

I see a sort of ‘Flower of Life’ pattern in these circles surrounding circles, weaving themselves in and around each and every one of us like a masterful network of an invisible awareness of energy.  A beautiful creation of life art if you take your eye off the ball long enough to see it.

Loosen your focus by being aware of what is.

I had a double reiki session this week.  A daughter, then her mother…back-to-back 1-hour sessions.  There was a third generation daughter in the home as well busily being an online high-school student, a sign of these digital times.  So very clear was the vision I channeled during the second round of reiki.  The insight was seeing one ‘holding’ the other; the other holding the one in the next room; the next room holding the one who wasn’t home; and that one holding the one who was being held by me in the first session.  It was an endless connected circle of circles holding each other in pure ethereal, spirit-based support of what each was going through.  Its flow was to and fro the soul, inside out, in an intimate infinite reciprocal alignment.  Grandparent and parent, husband and wife, mother/father and child, brother and sister; which then becomes a friend of a friend, and their six friends, and eventually stretches wide enough to reach Kevin Bacon holding the soul of someone you know.

True universal love is what I’m talking about, and that is the stuff soul holders are made of.  Can you hear me now?

It can get complicated though.  Most ‘holdees’ carry their karmic debris with back-breaking pride, steadily balancing the load with superhero strength and militant bravery.  But what if the load becomes too heavy, unbalanced, and they are seen struggling, swaggering from side to side, falling behind, blind to what’s in front of them, feeling forgotten, ashamed, guilty or abused; all the while not remembering anything of the agreement they made once-upon-a-time in a galaxy far away to allow these challenges to…lead…them…to…growth.

Holding space for the highest good of others ~ helping as much as possible without overstepping ~ is a delicate dance of soul wisdom which can escape us in an ego-minute.  A misunderstanding, frustration or exhaustion can change everything and can sometimes push our most beloved into the universal gutter for the rest of this life, perhaps to get a do-over next life.

Avoid a mistep or walking on intentional tippy-toes by using the vital ‘holding a soul’ secret key:

  1. Be awareness only.
  2. Observe without emotion.
  3. Let it be.
  4. Invite the vision that you KNOW is their truth and…
  5. hold…it…right…there.
  6. Love what is.

Congratulations, you’ve just held a soul!  Family, friend or foe, it feels good, right?!  Not having to change them.  Not having to animate our feelings to protect.  Allowing their wound(s) to be valid and painful to them.  Knowing what their truth IS…even if you don’t actually know them.  And holding it…right there…always…no matter what…just love without a story.

I’ve realized that karmic debris accumulates with every emotional wound, no matter the depth.  Mending those wounds are not for the weakened heart.  But know this:

When you think you’ve been betrayed, walked on and unrepairably broken, the feet that were present on that journey quite possibly could have been the stepping stone to get you to your next destination.

In my experience, there are days when I feel lucky to have been seen mostly through a thick but gentle lense of a love so deep that we each went out on one wing of freedom to find our own true selves and become completely soul-sufficient.  And in my doing so, I’ve been able to tap into the big picture of loving the one by loving ALL.

Soul holders are not always built-in to our linear lives for good, they can come and go.  They don’t always stay.  They may create uncomfortable shift and change, but the truth is they always carry a pure, present, authentic, unwavering love for the ones they’re with…and that’s how you’ll recognize them.  Real life guardian angels led by a strong earthbeat beneath their feet, following the feel-good to their own next destination, that is who they are indeed.

When you see one soul is being held by another, understand that they are in synchronic order, holding each other up, and then another and still another becoming a Flower of Life in its intrinsic full bloom.

When you feel the arms energetically holding your soul, know that your energetic arms are holding someone else’s soul too…maybe Kevin Bacon’s if you know someone who knows someone who knows someone else who is a big fan!

And when you think about it, brothers and sisters, the real truth is we, all of us, are soul holders… and none of us, will ever truly fall.

On wings, winds and waves of the Universe, I got you!

Love, Shannon

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  1. gibrangibran123
    Jan 20, 2021 @ 17:50:03

    Beautifully written commentary on a subject some of us have been aware of but have never known what it is. Thank you for dissecting the truth and helping us to help them. Your pointed account of Soul Holders is not just ethereal it is concrete. As real as real gets. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt expression of love. -BM



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