Universal Waters

Since 2006 I’ve been paying attention to change.  That’s when I started seeing it…the number five.

In numerology, the number five means changes are in the que of your journey if not already happening.  It was everywhere in my life, they were out in force; double, triple, quadruple and even the royal…five fives!  License plates, billboards, addresses, phone numbers, order numbers…these little beasts were in the most surprising of places.  I refer to them as beasts only because change to me at that time meant the possibility of turning my life upside down…again.

At first I simply paid attention to what was all around me.  I intentionally noticed what was happening, who came in and out of my life, what challenges or situations I was experiencing; ultimately, which shifts were showing up for me to chose from.  And I do say choose, as we have free will and can turn our backs to change.  I didn’t turn my back though; instead, I followed each and every clue in hopes of transporting myself into the state of bliss I’d studied and heard about.  Eventually there was more change happening than what I could continue to journal.  At that point I let go as far as trying to keep up with written proof or tracking its existence and I just began to let it flow.

Instead of going straight from recognition to resolution, I like to capture the essential emotional aspects of what happens right in the eye of the storm.  I think we try to push the hard memories away as to not feel them ever again, but I am a true believer in welcoming the pain long enough to acknowledge it, become aware of its purpose, love it for what it is, as it is, and then release it enabling the dissipation and full disappearance from your repeated play list.

I offer the association of being on the beach staring at the beautiful natural ocean scene, being fully present and in the state of peace and glory.  It’s like you can feeeeeel the presence of God there, Allah, Creator, Great Spirit or The Universe…whatever you like to call it, it is there and somehow you know you’re not alone.

At some point you take your eyes from the horizon and zoom in closer to the waves.  You’ll feel an awe in seeing the monsters come crashing up to the shore harshly making their presence seen and heard, often underestimated and misunderstood in their ability to cause havoc or harm.  The medium-sized swells bring a mild side of the wild powerful wave.  And of course the smaller waves continue coming up from behind in their wake, gently flowering with an offering of internal calmness.  That is when we get to see the ripples of peaceful stillness, showered with sparkling beauty in the light of the sunset.  Can you see it?  It’s the allness of One.  Undeniable.  And just like that, enchanted by the sea, we’re in a state of love all over again.

Each wave is just as persistent and graceful as the one before simply different in the energy that surrounds it, having a unique purpose all its own.  If you sit with it long enough giving your attention to the rise and fall of its breadth, you’ll become one with the cycle happening again and again always changed by the one that came before it.

I often visualize breathing with the ocean, like I’m in its belly and its providing my air.  I breathe in a continual process of release and renewal:  Receive (inhale) – Resonate (pause) – Release (exhale) – Rest (be still).  This helps me to become centered.

When you’re curious about change…about impermanence…go to the ocean and ask it questions about its deep secrets.  Find solace sensing into its beautiful cycle, be mesmerized by each new surge of beginning again.

If you’re feeling stuck in the idea that you should be strong and powerful or calm and peaceful like the ocean know that the alignment comes when one is present as each of these waves is upon you.

Recognizing the signs is the art of attention.  Sometimes we miss the slow wave that’s consistently approaching all the way from the horizon and shocked when she pulls us into a riptide or knocks us down with her size and strength!  We succumb being stunned by the emotion that follows and we sit in the brokenness for hours, weeks, months and sometimes we wade in it for an entire lifetime.  If and when we’ve swam out of it and the waters become tranquil again, we don’t always notice because we’re not intentional about moving forward, so just when we feel we’re safely back on the shore we may start to get hit with big waves again.

Surfers and ocean swimmers know that they must face the fear of the mighty force and dive headfirst into a big wave in order to not be wrecked by it.  They’ve learned to navigate mindfully moving through water as if they’re a child of it…with curiosity but also respect, care and compassion.

From the vast mass of earthly water flows all the individual rivers of life.  That’s us, children of the waters.  We’re filled up and overflowing with universal water’s fluidity, adaptability and resilience, ready and willing to ride the next wave with the freedom to change and face emotional flooding with awareness, purity and an easy-flowin’ attitude of catch and release.

Change is the only true constant thing in life.

Align and enjoy a continued cycle with nature’s rhythms, brothers and sisters.  Resistance will alienate synchronic order, possibly causing unnecessary encounters with stress and struggle as well as risking missed opportunities.

Remember that it’s important to hydrate your body.

Take of the waters by:

  • enjoying sacred time in a bath or take a pool plunge
  • allow yourself to release tears and cry
  • use a natural moisturizer and/or oil daily
  • consume fresh fruits and veggies
  • drink water, tea and coconut water

Celebrate water by:

  • creating a meaningful moonlight ritual
  • praying by an ocean
  • meditating by a river or stream
  • enjoying the benefit of clouds
  • dancing wholeheartedly in the rain

Whatever your personal process, claim your sacred sanctity and grow with the flow of your soul.  However you are called, honor this vital resource.  Share your special water blessing with us in the comments if you feel called, I’d love to hear from you.

I don’t see fives anymore like I did at first, but there did finally came a time when I emptied myself from the inside out like a suitcase filled with a lifetime of belongings, all the pieces spread out like a puzzle so I could see them clearly.  One at a time, I picked them up, tried them on and decided if it still fit or belonged any longer and then I either put it back or released it.

Then I began again as a child of the waters.

On wings, waves and winds, I wish you the blessings of water.


Shannon Paige


#water, #healing, #universe, #rain, #letitflow, #earth, #love

PS.  If you’re able, take a moment to gift yourself by watching this short video, “The Water Blessing Song.”  Truly beautiful and soulful, it’s one of my favorites.

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