LIFT Your Thoughts UP!

Before I got out of bed to start the day, I allowed my Self to fall back for a bit.  As I returned my head to the bright-white, supersoft-side of the pillow, I heard a calling to resign to a second slumber.  There was a knowing inside this summons: a message, an attunement, download, or transmission waiting for me outside the early-morning illusion of reality.  Maybe you ask how does one know?  I’d suggest it’s the fleeting thought or instruction right before the moment that you’d steamroll it with some sway from your ego ever-so-convincingly waving you on in a separate direction, flagging a distraction, and re-routing from the original path.

An example of this would be my own experience in the scenario this morning.

There was the moment I mentioned that I knew I needed to go back to sleep.  I had the internal feeling that there was some reason for that; I didn’t question it or think too much on it, I just laid back down.  It was like I needed to go back to pick up something I had left behind.  It was in an instant, as quickly as my head hit the pillow, that I bounced right back up and thought, ‘oh, I should turn on some meditation music to help, some prayer chanting or frequency waves perhaps.’ For others, it could be a thousand different things that call Ego away from Spirit.  I actually started to grab my phone to choose a side-track when I realized what was happening.  It was my ego changing the path of my journey, exercising its control to direct me away from the original calling.  Upon the realization, I immediately confirmed I don’t need those things to make myself available for what was to come.  I have everything I need, which was simply the message to go back into sleep state.  So I laid back down, closed my eyes, and was on my way.

I think it was almost immediately that I was deep enough to understand lucidly that I was hearing the words, “LIFT your thoughts UP!”  I literally heard those words.  When I asked that inner-voice how to do that, I was shown to “swipe” them upward like on a smart phone.  “Just swipe them up – lift them up to a higher frequency and dimension of thought.”  I remember thinking ‘oh my gosh, how simple is that!?  I understood, and I could easily see how a thought or a situation of lower energy — as long as I became aware of it in the present moment — could be pushed upward to a more positive, higher vibration, and truthful loving experience.

This ‘aha’ moment was a shifting point in the dream.  Suddenly, I saw myself in the front room of a small house.  I was sitting on a couch directly across from an old friend who represented a time of challenge, negative thoughts, and fearful experiences for me.  I started to speak to that person from past-programming of the low-frequency struggle we had participated in together.  It’s almost as if I had forgotten how much time had passed or the change that has dramatically occurred inside me.

I was reminded in my dream that we don’t have to choose things we don’t want anymore; that we could align with what we do want in a new positive way just by choosing a new perspective.

I was taken by surprise in that moment of recognition and recalled the truth of the wholesoul, love-based person I am now.  I sat with that for a spell in this dream; that I’d been transposed into an individual who has grown exponentially during this time of planetary awakening.  And honestly, for once, instead of telling myself I should have known better, instead I accepted it and reminded myself, “Oh that’s right, we don’t have to do or say those things to each other anymore!” and I let it it go.

I felt relieved, remembered and renewed.  I looked at that person from the center of my Self and said knowingly with no emotional leftovers present, “Well…I guess I can ask you to leave then.”  There was no bad vibes intended with this, only a matter-of-fact in choice and truth.  I stood up from the couch and a door magically appeared on my right.  I opened the door outwardly and started first as if to lead the other.  I stepped out on the edge a front porch looking over the side observing how I was now hovering high above the clouds, floating in mid-air.  The house had been lifted up over the experiences, memories, painful actions and reactions; soaring above the depth and heaviness of the past.  No longer feeling weighted down, I took in a nice long inhale of fresh blue sky, resonated with expansion in the presence of the moment, then released it upon a hearty exhale and finally laid the breath to rest in the surrendering, allowing my Self to be still.

I looked back and found my friend walking out of the door behind me and we shared an embrace we both knew wasn’t from the past, it was from the internal sacred soulful center in both of us where we’re eternally connected; in fact, the space in which we met in the first place.  There was an acknowledgement and an awareness inside that gift, a silent understanding that we had helped each other, once again, grow upward in an extraordinarily evolutionary way.

I saw that person to the ‘exit door’ of my life in the highest order and watched the dissipation of what could have manifested as a need to repeat the battle over again until we were able to lovingly embrace the freedom from fear and Ego.

I woke with a wow…wondering if any of that would have happened had I stopped the flow by the distraction of what my small self (Ego) thought I needed instead of simply giving myself the faith of not needing anything except to accept what is.

I can see it clearly now, we were lifted up above the mess and into the blessed view of a higher perspective of absolute Love.

On wide open wings and wings high above the clouds, I embrace you in the Now.



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  1. gibrangibran123
    Mar 02, 2021 @ 07:13:51

    Thanks for the boost! We all need a little uplifting now and again.😀



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