Easter “Bunny”

Up early running Easter errands today I happened upon a sweet little flower plant cast out into the middle of the road.  I slowed down to look as I my wheels barely missed the green flesh splattered on the gray pavement.  It was like slow motion as I drove by having a flash in my minds’ eye of the plant being full, healthy, lush, and plentiful with beautiful blossoms.   By the time I reached the stoplight I knew I had to turn around and rescue it just as one would an animal.

At a time in my life where I’m on another journey of self-discovery, I thought … “its just who I am.” 

It felt good to KNOW something loving about my True Self.♡

I put my blinkers on and waited by the curb for a few cars to pass before I headed in to assess the damage of the plant friend and danger to myself.  I noted how each car took time to slow down and make sure to miss the obvious. 

She was spilled heartily out of the container which laid on the other side of the street, her decorative Easter bag tossed even further away, but the plant itself was in tact.

Happy to see it save-able, I made a plan within moments.

I noticed a white work truck was approaching at normal speed so I backed my body out of the center again to let it pass before my plan of picking up the plants remains.

The truck roared by fast and literally drove spot on over my little buddy obliterating it and crushing me. 

I did it anyway.

Stunned at what just happened during a moment that seemed so divinley-guided, I gave the truck’s taillights my evil-eye and headed quickly to my friend’s side and picked up what was left of her…of course I had to… even moreso.  There was a tiny pod there with what I hope to be roots in the middle so I carefully lifted that along with what I could of the dirt, the container, the bag and headed home with the patient safely in the front seat of my truck.

Traveling home, I reveled.

How many times in life for many varried reasons we feel run over and shattered so badly that we wonder if we could be strong enough to pull through?  How many times, we’ve been blessed to have a stranger come pick up our many pieces and lovingly help to put us back together? Knowingly & unknowingly. Never are we the same, but alas alive and ready to grow as we go again. For me, indeed, many times.

I’ve named the plant “Bunny.”  She’s been replanted, watered, and placed in a tiny greenhouse in my bedroom until I see signs of life.♧  As soon as I know she will thrive she will have her forever home in my beautiful serene, peaceful backyard and a soulful story to tell her grandseedlings of strength and survival.☆

✌️💜🪴, Shannon

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