3~E Vision


Root Chakra Healing has a simple vision:

To guide in sacred healing experiences, comfortably learning about the seven chakras, our energy centers, and how our experiences and past programming play a role in what we’re getting in this life we are living.

  • Reveal & Heal, Full Moon and Goddess Rituals 
  • Chakra Balancing through Mind/Body/Energy Healings, Readings, Reiki & Reflexology
  • Oracle & Tarot Card Readings ~ General, Specific Question, or Chakra Readings
  • Meditations ~ Meeting Our Guides & Angels, Past Life Regressions, Chakra Block Healing, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Full~Body Breathing & Sitting, and more!
  • Workshops & Classes ~ Chakra 101, Law of Attraction, Art of Manifestation, Freedom in Art, Creative Vision Boards, Body Activation
  • MoonShine ~ Handmade Intentional Relaxation & Ritual Products being cleansed and charged with and through the powerful moon phases
  • Artists Intuition ~ Sharing Intuitive Art & Jewelry by Local Artists, Henna Hand Art, Temporary Tattoos and more!
  • Events ~ Nepali Singing Bowl Soundbath, Drum Circles and more!

“The light-work of our healers is devotional in white light and good intentions.  The ability to gently support the excavation of deep blockages is offered as a tool to unlock the inner-knowing of each one of us in order to develop the highest good for all. Guiding one through their illusions to the truth of who we truly are is an ‘ah-ha moment’ that is priceless. We believe in the power of meditation, chakra activation and the law of attraction just to name a few, but overall the idea is to transform client wounds into gifts via shifts in perception and deep inquiry. An authentic experience awaits one when working with the Root Chakra Healing Center.”

Come see for yourself!  Join us for a guided meditation, workshop, and/or a personal in-depth Reading of your own!


To schedule a session, contact one of our healers!

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