Contemplating March

With a glowing candle and some soulful-smelling healing incense, I sit contemplating the changing of seasons and the newness of March. 

I look out unto my yard pondering which seeds are ready to sprout, bloom, and create balance and wellness in my life. And I wonder which weeds will need to be pulled and removed to make sure what I’m putting in my landscape will play nicely together for an ideal experience and harvest this season.

Composting is a continued focus as well.  It’s not just “trash” but a living component of the eco system within me and my space.  Not all of everything needs to be disposed of.  Some parts work well to blend and nourish the aspects of future creation.

I’m thrilled to be creating a beautiful natural reciprocal healing space and experience in my world, inside & out.  People & plants. Respecting and having gratitude for the Earth and its gifts, I can do the same for my body by continuing the ongoing practice of healthy eating, thinking & being.

I love a morning’s stillness; its quiet, relaxing vibe.♡

As I sit for a spell in silence, I recognize that #MindBodySoul is an every-day practice for me, and I acknowledge that I’m a work in progress… and so are others. An aspect of this daily practice is easily forgiving in the many faces and facets of misunderstanding, challenge, or grief.

My intentions are good. I’m always trying to be a loving, compassionate, understanding, patient person, regardless of what my outer characteristics may portray me as. You never know the inside softness of one’s heart from the outside until you actually listen.

I give you my daily affirmation: 

I am whole, healed, happy; healthy, wealthy, abundant, and wise.

Say it for yourself.

It will be so, and so it is.



Dream of Hawk Medicine

I was sleeping on the ground outdoors with a baby — a toddler really — nestled fullly content in my arms.  A large hawk flew up next to us and sat quietly beside as if to be a watchman.  I was hazily stroking its smooth dark feathers, half in and half out of the in-between state of waking wondering why it has come to me.  Was it okay?  Was it sick?  Hurt?   Broken?  Trying to examine it gently using my fingertips, I sifted through its shiny stiff feathers🪶 waiting for a reaction to give me the answer, but there didn’t seem to be anything wrong. 

I laid there amazed by its presence with me in this moment.  Staring, I wondered deeply, ‘why it was here?’  The baby I was cuddling smiled happily at me then crawled up and kissed the birds beak, then cheek, and fell safely back into her nap.  It was so sweet and loving that I followed suit and did it too, first the bird then the baby♡.  The bird must have felt our love because it shuffled even closer to us, and the three of us sort of snuggled, nesting and resting together. 

I laid in observation of a reverent moment that I am aware was much larger than me –  than my life – as we seemed to be energetically melting and merging into each other … we were simultaneously becoming one!

When I woke up in real life, I was still submerged in a dream-daze.  I didn’t know what to think about us three merging altogether into one. 

Did I turn into the bird?  The baby?  Did they turn into me?  What did it mean?

This dream had a very lucid erethral feeling.  It felt very real.

I was still pondering the possible message, when I sharply recalled that my ‘spirit guide’ in most experiences has been a hawk!   In meditation journeys, I usually see it approaching from afar as it flies up to me and simultaneously turns into a large being with big beautiful wings that open up wide and engulf me into what feels like an eternal embrace which then holds me and cradles me in safety and love as its dear child.  The love I feel being collected into its soulful center is a feeling of complete bliss.

I remebered the child which was held within the saftey of my arms, nestled into my center, protected in the embrace of my own life-sized wings. 

Then came a stunning realization … the baby was me!  My true innocent, non-emotionally wounded, uninjured, unhurt, perfect self! Whole and complete.  Blissfully ignorant.

The next realization quickly followed…I’m the one who’s hurt not the bird!   The mind, body, soul ailments I’ve been through within the last 3 years came to the forefront of my mind to remind me just how much I’d survived.

Wave on wave of challenge and trauma to overcome, my spirit guide was there to help me heal.  And the baby was an aspect of myself when I was “pure.”  She was there to help me let go of the current damage as well as release old programming, karmic imprints, energetic debris, and layers of experience that no longer serve me for highest good.

The three of us didn’t just become one in that moment, we have always been One!  And let’s go even one bigger truth blanketing that, WE ALL ARE ONE!

This is a short story I’ve been working on for several months. Recapping what had happened in the dream, piecing it all together after having experienced divorce, death, unemployment, corona-times, a car accident and then cancer (in that order) within a very short amount of time…too short actually to have time to recover and heal adequately from each individual hit.

It has happened in the past several times, when I need to heal from a traumatic experience, spirit people come to me in my dreams to help (like in my Dream of Bear Medicine). This is exactly what happened in this dream.

The story flowed easily out onto this virtual page offering me (for the second time) a powerful transcendence. I hope it does the same for you.

On wings and waves of Our Oneness, I wish you peace, love & healing.♡




As I enjoy my backyard surroundings, full of  fruit trees, flowers, plants and good energy. It’s easy to reflect upon the blessings that being a mom has brought me again and again and again just like the seasons, cycles of the journey.♧

Here, a dragonfruit flower grows so rapidly you can almost see it expand; a Goldfinch visits to remind me to build small everday goals to progress on big projects; a monarch flutters by speaking of grace, hummingbird shares its pure magic; and a protective mama bird builds its nest nearby.☆

Life goes on all around us each day gifting us through sounds, sights, and our senses if we just slow down long enough to sit with it, notice, become aware…and then be grateful.♡

Happy Mother’s Day to all, Shannon

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Beautiful You

Once again I have been blessed by a visit from this beautiful creature reminding me…

This is a season of renewal and transformation for many of us on a journey of self-discovery.

Acknowledging there is deep internal change needed within is not always an easy thing to face; in fact, it’s scary and often requires vulnerability, courage and bravery to master a graceful change.

Can you imagine how much bravery this fragile creature must have to exist in this big world?!

To unearth the hidden beauty and wisdom that has gently held us cocooned in our programmed belief systems takes looking truthfully at what needs to be pulled up by the roots, broken down into smaller pieces, and composted altogether to feed nutritiously a more authentic version of our true selves moving forward.

What seeds of yours need feeding, navigating to your eternal self where you can live from that blissful timeless space blessed by moments with creatures and beings of all kinds?

Are you seeing their beautiful spirits regardless of their outter skin, their personal preferences, shape, color, or external characteristics?  Do you know how they serve in this world in their big or small ways?  Do you know they’re divinely-aligned for their own genuine growth on a journey guided by eternal Love, the same One that is within us, it’s in every one of us!

On wings and waves of One love I see the beautiful YOU!


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Easter “Bunny”

Up early running Easter errands today I happened upon a sweet little flower plant cast out into the middle of the road.  I slowed down to look as I my wheels barely missed the green flesh splattered on the gray pavement.  It was like slow motion as I drove by having a flash in my minds’ eye of the plant being full, healthy, lush, and plentiful with beautiful blossoms.   By the time I reached the stoplight I knew I had to turn around and rescue it just as one would an animal.

At a time in my life where I’m on another journey of self-discovery, I thought … “its just who I am.” 

It felt good to KNOW something loving about my True Self.♡

I put my blinkers on and waited by the curb for a few cars to pass before I headed in to assess the damage of the plant friend and danger to myself.  I noted how each car took time to slow down and make sure to miss the obvious. 

She was spilled heartily out of the container which laid on the other side of the street, her decorative Easter bag tossed even further away, but the plant itself was in tact.

Happy to see it save-able, I made a plan within moments.

I noticed a white work truck was approaching at normal speed so I backed my body out of the center again to let it pass before my plan of picking up the plants remains.

The truck roared by fast and literally drove spot on over my little buddy obliterating it and crushing me. 

I did it anyway.

Stunned at what just happened during a moment that seemed so divinley-guided, I gave the truck’s taillights my evil-eye and headed quickly to my friend’s side and picked up what was left of her…of course I had to… even moreso.  There was a tiny pod there with what I hope to be roots in the middle so I carefully lifted that along with what I could of the dirt, the container, the bag and headed home with the patient safely in the front seat of my truck.

Traveling home, I reveled.

How many times in life for many varried reasons we feel run over and shattered so badly that we wonder if we could be strong enough to pull through?  How many times, we’ve been blessed to have a stranger come pick up our many pieces and lovingly help to put us back together? Knowingly & unknowingly. Never are we the same, but alas alive and ready to grow as we go again. For me, indeed, many times.

I’ve named the plant “Bunny.”  She’s been replanted, watered, and placed in a tiny greenhouse in my bedroom until I see signs of life.♧  As soon as I know she will thrive she will have her forever home in my beautiful serene, peaceful backyard and a soulful story to tell her grandseedlings of strength and survival.☆

✌️💜🪴, Shannon

Rewilding Me

It’s a merry morning as I look out my window in the early a.m. California frost.  ‘Cold as hell’ is welcomed after our long hot ‘n heated summer – the crisp air and a frozen nose is just what I need to wake me from my hibernation of a warm toasty bed recovering from what has ailed me.

As I arise today, I decide I will take more space to allow myself to breathe and be for a spell.  Knowing that I’ve woken into new knowledge of what being really means, I steadily steam on in search of the rewilded me of whom I’ve been seeking for all my lives.

At a recent point in my journey all these pieces named me have been tossed in the air and are now making their descent…slowly gliding, invited downward by the grace of gravity, by which I know my time is not finished yet here on this beautiful earth. Blessed Be.  When all of me lands, I will have a new life…again.

The way will show the way, Antonio Machado says it so mystically in his beautiful writings.

“Wanderer, there is no way, the way is made by walking. Walker, your footsteps are the road and nothing more.  Walker, there is no road, the road is made by walking.  Walking you make the road, and turning to look behind you see the path you never again will step upon.  Walker there is no road, only foam trails on the sea.”

I myself am learning to walk again, humbly honoring these words, this concept and strategy, if you will, to have faith with each step into the mystical, the unknown and uncharted territory of the moments I walk.  I carry with me as I go an invisible bag containing the understanding that anxiety, depression or fear can come if I’m looking too far ahead or behind me; therefore, the task and practice afoot is allowing the past to reside in the past and the future to be unknown…to simply be present in the Now.

How can I move forward if I’m gazing backwards?  How can I be present if I’m dreaming off deep into the future?  Taking my eyes off my own two feet, the ground I walk on today can take away the magical possibilities that lie underneath the presence of each soulful step into the worlds that will open wide in faith and reknow me.

I am a traveler on the in-between of old and new, stripped down, naked, humbled, unmasked from the cloak of ego.  Each step I take now opens a new door of opportunity, possibility and potential of the acceptance and truth of who I AM.

I’ve been a superwoman my whole life, bearing the burden of being in a world wrought with fear and programming but a new year, a new time is upon me…upon us.   It’s here for us all, brothers and sisters.

Today I release the cape that covers my true spirit and trade it for the desire to be naturally guided in my journey forward, aligned, connected to my inner-being choosing the road not yet traveled, the one of faith heading into the mystic, free to go with the flow of Source.

I AM rewilding me.

Love, Shannon

Note to Self♡:

Love your Self no matter what.  The crazier your life seems = the more you’re living and learning from it, and creating opportunities for growth, adventure, opportunity and knowlege within it.

Do not judge your journey!

Be the first and last (maybe the only) to Love Your Self UNCONDITIONALLY!  Be proud as hell of how fucking BRAVE & AMAZING you have been in believing in each and every thing you’ve ever tried; each decision you’ve ever chosen; each leap of faith you’ve ever taken! No matter what the results were you were passionate and powerful in the summoning and living through the experience! 

You’ve been fearless and forward- moving. Embrace your own personalized truth and who you are with all the messiness, reroutes, and challenges being at the forefront of your heart…sometimes tattooed across your chest, and definitely worn upon your sleeve for everyone to see. 

“Be not afraid of living or dieing, being wrong or feeling uncomfortable!”

You are anything…EVERYTHING…other than broken.  You have fought tooth and nail for a wholesoul adventure and you will have achieved that with grace in the end.

I Love You,

PS. “Nerve Succeeds” – WFO, My brother Mike Hood.


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