Chakra Card Readings by Rev. Shannon Paczkowski, Ph.D. ~ only $70.00 for a personal chakra reading!  

What is keeping you from experiencing your own true authenticity, joy and free~spirit in this life?  With “Full Chakra Readings” you will surely find out!  Here’s how:

In order to live the best possible life, we each need to do our internal research, get to know ourselves all over again and become aware of our own powerful manifestation skills.  Many times there are discoveries that have been hidden in the depths of childhood wounding and/or family history.  We can work with that wounding to dislodge that pent-up anger, pain and/or grief.  Sometimes the answers are harsh, but if we want things to change, be presented with opportunities and/or discover our true purpose in life, we must take a look at our core issues!  I call it, “Revealing & Healing,” and that phrase speaks for itself.

You’re not alone.  Together, we can embark on a brave chakra expedition ~ because that’s what it takes to be awakened in today’s busy, conditional, “I” society, BRAVERY ~ to acknowledge the thoughts, actions and emotions we have so we can change the perception at the root of the experience.  This is work for those desiring a shift; a change; a miracle.  It is totally all about YOU.

Belief in the magic of your own sorcery is required for this work, for you DO have the power to change the game you’re playing in this life; however, you must BELIEVE!  You’ve heard the term, “be careful what you ask for,” but have you ever realized that all the while you’ve been getting what you’ve been getting because you’ve been asleep while the universe drives…delivering, by default, the things you have no idea you’re asking for?

Ask me about a personal chakra reading for your Self (yes, I used the big “S” on that one), and take your first step out of the unknown to become enlightened to what you’re magnetizing.   You have gifts and talents completely undiscovered ~ release what no longer serves you for your highest good, tap into your muse and start sharing the things you’re passionate about with others.  This is called “Living Your Dreams!”

To schedule a session, txt/call Shannon at 310-617-5982 or email:

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