“Recognizing Emotional Needs and Blocks”

An excerpt from the Law of Attraction Class, “SUMMONING via Feelings”


Our emotions, aka “feelings,” teach us about our inner-most selves and leave us clues about how we connect with others and the situations that are brought forward.  This is important information because it shows where we’re coming from when we’re attempting to attract.  If we’re heading in the wrong direction or sourcing from unfortunate feelings we need to know so we can re-route as soon as possible and draw fortunate energy instead.  As we begin to steer the ship in a new direction, we need to determine what wounds need to be healed.

For emotional transformation:

  1. Feel into the true level of any emotional pain that comes up. Take some time to know internally how you feel around this.
  2. Forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for not knowing another way to heal your uncomfortable emotion other than running an old pattern. Once you see it – shift will happen and you will start to attract from a love-based field rather than a fear-based one.
  3. Remember that the most valuable thing we can give ourselves is the gift of being present in each moment. Most of the issues that have prevented us from opening ourselves to the greatness we want and deserve pertain to the emotional experience we turn away from in order to not bring the feelings forward and therefore by default our desires are sourced from fear rather than love.

Sending each and every one of you love + light via the wings and waves of the Universe, ~ ❤ Shannon ❤ ~


For a personal reading, healing and/or coaching,

contact me directly at 310-617-5982 (txt friendly)

“The Keys to Your Future Are Hidden in Your Past”

An excerpt from my “Law of Attraction” Class


The power of your story is EVERYTHING that you stand for. Your roots are your foundation; therefore, it is logical to understand where you’re sourcing your energy from. You have received your subconscious understanding on how to move through life from your family origin. The habitual patterns drawn from our ancestry are sourced from their roots, if that perspective comes from a limiting believe you can only move so far, you will get stuck.
When you think of drawing something new into your life, knowing where you pull our energy from is very important! We have all heard the saying “consider the source;” therefore, the first work we need to do is to reveal what we got from our family and its history.

When we want to grow, we must dig all the way into our roots, so we must start there.

~ ❤ On the wings & waves of the Universe, I send you love. Shannon ❤ ~

If you’d like a personal chakra reading to help dig into your roots, call/txt Shannon @ 310-617-5982 or email Shannon@root-chakra-healing.com

Law of Attraction Class!

 askforwhatyouwantHello Friends,

“Learn how to bring in love, abundance, & happiness.” Your thoughts affect what you’re manifesting in life. How are they creating your balance and self-expression? Are they tapping into your creative gifts and talents? Believing is seeing ~ learn how to recognize divine guidance and use it help you grow and live your dreams.

This class will be a 7-week class on Mondays from 6 pm -7 pm. for $49.00. Call the shop or text me at 310-617-5982 to register!

~ ❤ Shannon ❤ ~

Peaceful Easy Breathing


“Breath is the avenue to sustain life, yes, but it’s also our ride to the moon and back.” 

– Shannon Paczkowski


Last night I facilitated a sitting meditation with full-body breathing.   Teaching correct pull-through breathing is not just a pleasure, it’s an obligation I feel for myself and my tribe.  To know the truth about the world that lies in between the time and space of our breath is a vital component to source connection, divine guidance, and self-mastery.   It provides a foundation of calmness and peace in other areas of our experience as well, and who doesn’t need that in this world of chaos?

You want to give it a try?   Okay great!   Set your phone alarm for 30 minutes so that you won’t feel tempted to look at the clock.

Start to relax your entire body…however is comfortable for you.  Don’t hold anything in or back, just be loose and allow yourself to stop being the boss of your body.  Let your eyelids fall relaxed-open or closed.  If relaxed-open, attempt to fix on something in front of you like a flower, a light, a vase or another simple icon.  Take a series of three deep inhales and exhales, making sure to always pull in a new fresh offering of air while the releasing if of excess old stagnate air/energy that has settled at the bottom of you.  Once you feel you’ve gotten a good clear head, start practicing your counting.  Do a slow count from 1-5…on the inhale and then repeat on the exhale.  When we count as we meditate it provides a way to focus instead of our minds shifting from thought to thought trying to find a place to land.  Eventually we forget we’re supposed to be counting and that’s when we are dialed into the Universal energy of meditation and connectedness.

Sitting for 30 minutes is ideal.  And honestly, the prime time for a full-body breathing sitting meditation is to wake up daily at Amrit Vela, 3 a.m. – 6 a.m., or before the dawning of the morning sun.

Become in tune with the Divine and the realization that you are One with it. 


“The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep. You must ask for what you really want. Don’t go back to sleep.”

– Rumi

Feel free to contact me for a private reading, coaching, or join us for meditations on Wednesdays at ZFabrique in Belmont Shores, Long Beach, CA 90803

Until then, on the wings and waves of the Universe… I support you in peaceful easy breathing.

❤ Shannon ❤

imagination IS everything

ImageIt takes COURAGE to live your dreams, there’s no doubt about that.  But you should know going in to 2017 that living the life of your dreams is entirely up to you!   Your imagination is the only limitation you have.  Anything you can imagine, is something you can pull into your focus and manifest to some degree of realization.  Where are you?  Where do you want to go?   It can be the most exciting time of your life to make an intentional decision about what you want out of life…and it can also be the scariest.   Either way, it’s important to be intentional about your actions, otherwise you may just float around bouncing between other peoples energy, goals and intentions.

Here are some topic ideas to get the juices flowing:

Health ~ Location ~ Education ~ Abundance ~ Business ~ Adventure ~ Creativity ~ Relationship ~ Happiness ~ Habit ~ Spirituality 

When one of those strike a chord within you as something you’re interested in drilling into, you can ask yourself “why do I want this?”  And if you follow up by pursuing it, then the answer will set you free, and open up doors to further enhance the experience beyond what you originally imagined.   And if you still just don’t know yet what this all means to you and feel blocked, then you’re the perfect person to attend the workshop to help open your mind and let the ideas flow out of you and on to your vision board.

So let’s get the 2017 ball rolling!  

You are invited to join me tonight at ZFabrique from 6-8pm to get your motor runnin’ and put your dreams in gear!  It’s VISION BOARD WORKSHOP time!!  Bring your theme, images, colorful pens, pictures, stickers, words, magazines, and all your creative juices!  Don’t worry if you don’t have these things, I will bring the poster/paper board, extra magazines & crafting materials.   $5-10 and/or love donations accepted.


191 Argonne Ave

Long Beach, CA 90803


See you there!!


Law of Distraction

Image result for law of distraction

Do you use the law of distraction to keep you from pursuing your dreams?  Many people don’t realize indirectly they are using distraction as a way to keep them safe from succeeding.   For instance, shiny things are commonly used as a tactical suggestion to look the other way which will buy you some time while still delivering the appearance that you’re engaged, keeping the faith, hanging on to the dream, and believing in the true purpose of your Self.   The fear of failure has a way of making one freeze up when it comes to following through on the baby steps it sometimes takes to start becoming that which you’ve always dreamed of.    Speaking of which…..

What is your dream?  Take time to think about your answer.  And if you have several, write them all down, stick them in a hat and pull one out!   This is the one that you can start with!  Congratulations, you’ve taken your first baby step in making it come true!  By identifying it, you’ve given it life; a space to exist, and approval to grow and manifest itself as your dream goal and intention.   Good job!

You’ve just pointed to a map and stated to the universe a loud, “I’m going here!”  Next, the map~genie ignites (aka the universe) and provides all the directions.  All you have to do is allow yourself to get on the bus, ride the wave, and go with the flow on the adventure of your life.  So, go ahead and just put a little virtual pin there in that spot so that you and map~genie won’t lose sight of it.  This is baby step number two.   Whoohooo, you’re now ready to take action steps to start your journey!

Keep in mind that the universal road can deliver slightly to the left or right… just a tad; however, if you follow your intuition and the signs of the unseen force that is at the wheel of the vehicle, you’ll reach your destination in no time.  You’ve now taken the most important step…getting started!

To help identify, pinpoint, and attain these dreams of yours, I am leading a workshop, baby step number three, making a “VISION BOARD” for 2017!  I invite you to pack up your creative side and join me at ZFabrique on Thursday, December 29th from 6-8pm to start your manifestation in motion.  Bring your theme, images, pictures, stickers, words, magazines, and all the inspiration you can muster up to summon what’s only the beginning of your amazing future!

Love donations are accepted.

See you there!!

The 9 Angelic Realms

Image result for nine angelic realms

It’s time for a new form of leadership in this world, and everyone is buzzing about it.  Together, let’s just fantasize for a moment that we have a team of Chief Visualization Officers who believe in the Angelic Realms!

Angels are formless, pure, unconditional love; they are as unique as your fingerprints!  In fact, no two angels are alike!  However, like our linear system of leadership, the realms are made up of a similar hierarchy.  There are nine angelic realms to be exact.  For instance:

The 1st Realm which is personal to each one of us, and the one we can physically connect with are our Guardian Angels.  These are our own exclusive assistants in all of our lifetimes, always here to support us for our growth.  We can have as many as we want; there is no limit, all you have to do is ask for an angel and <~bing~> just like magic, you shall receive one!

On the 2nd Realm of Angelic energy are the Archangels…you may have heard of them?!   Archangels are beings of light who influence groups and/or individual humans for the greater good.  There are many archangels; however, I am listing the four major ones:

  • Michael will help in overcoming fear and gives courage; he adds inner-strength within and helps clarify things when it’s foggy inside;
  • Raphael is a healer and an angel for light-workers like me doing their individual authentic purpose of finding and living in spiritual truth;
  • Uriel is a strong grounding force; a solid, steady anchor who supports us during times of challenge ~ he is all about forgiveness;
  • Gabriel is an angel who encourages unique expression through artistic communication of all kinds, including (but not limited to) writing, teaching, speaking, cooking, and all forms of art and interpretation.

Above this realm is the 3rd Realm of Principalities which watches over earth from just above the trees.  This means they have access to the airways to create visual messages and cloud formations!  Just this morning I saw a STAR!  Really, it was a star~cloud!  Look UP every once in a while…what do you see in the clouds?

The 4th Realm is made up of Powers ~ these are the protectors of the etheric world who guard the in-between space between Heaven & Earth, the “Celestial Realm.”  This realm marks the highest of the lower realms of which we have some type of direct and/or indirect access to.

The 5th Realm are the Virtues ~ these angels are cheerleaders, so-to-speak, for the lower angelic realms.  They supervise, motivate and guide the Powers, Principalities, Archangels and Guardian Angels.  This realm marks the lowest of the higher realms in which are the angels for our angels … the energy they seek as their Source.

The 6th Realm is made of the Dominions whom are “Divine Directors” and used as instruments for the lower angels to access for questions and answers.

The 7th Realm of Thrones are officers of high-energy channels directly from Source providing support to containers needing this.

The 8th Realm consists of the special Cherubim ~ the keepers of secrets, protectors of the sacred knowledge for those who help ascend a deep practice of prayer.

Finally, the highest 9th Realm is the Seraphim who protect the throne of our creator ~ A very important job, indeed!

Angels can only love.  They only see, speak, know love.  Angels are love!

Our angels can connect to us through music, nature, movement, meditation, stillness, or in our dreams.  When you’re called by one of these sources to enter your heart’s center be open to feel the love of your angels.

If you still have questions about YOUR angels, ask yourself what are the places and situations that create a sense of peace and love for YOU?  Feel that sense of peace and love as you recall this place, virtually go there in your heart and mind.  Feeeeeeel the feelings you know are there for you, and then imagine angels there with you. How do they look?  What do they say?  Do they have a gift for you?  Write about your journey afterwards .

You can also ask your angels for a message on any subject you’d like.  Try each of the following topics and write about any response you may receive….get externally and internally quiet and ask for a message on:

  • Abundance
  • Health
  • Relationship
  • Career
  • Creativity

And with that my friends I leave you to climb on the wings of my angels and ride the wild skies of this life we’re all in together!

Remember: I ALWAYS hold space for your highest good,

~ ❤ Shannon ❤ ~

To schedule a reading to receive a message from your angels,

txt or call Shannon at 310-617-5982

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