Pondering Persimmons

I was pondering persimmons this morning during my breakfast☆  I love persimmons and I owe it all to The Whole30.   Several years ago the #whole30 changed my life.  I agreed to do it with a co-worker, we both succeeded.  The following year a few more co-workers joined us.  We all succeeded!☆  To this day, I have kept better eating habits, cooking techniques, and make better #freshfood choices.  I’ve keep some weight off as well.  Because of The Whole30 I’ve become friends with natural foods, and many of them I’ve learned to grow in my own #homegarden

Rarely do I post my preparation and/or meal creations, but I always impress myself with #beautifulfood and dishes.  However, lately I have felt the urge to share thinking maybe someone like me enjoys looking and cooking as I do.

Also, foundationally I believe that this is truly a #rootchakra experience and journey with #fresh #natural #wholefoods and is one of #ReciprocalHealing with the #livingearth ♡

On wings and waves of this beautiful earth,, i wish you good natural health & wellness.


PS.  I love you.

My Prayer Mala Story

Shown: Flower Agate

Coincidentally, I bought a $50 mala months before my brother Mike passed away unexpectedly. It was a standard no-frills full 108 beads on… I’m not sure what type of thread they were strung on. At the end was a pretty tassel representing the buddha bead. I loved that mala and used it every day as a prayer-commuter driving to work.
When he died I carried it with me constantly. It started to be my companion, the connection to my big brother.♡ It kept me strong, feeling safe and loved…I couldn’t be without it!☆
Can you imagine the heartbreak I felt when it broke and the beads went flying everywhere!?! I was so disappointed that this sacred piece was not strong enough to withstand my powerful prayer! So I endeavored to make myself a replacement.
A full 108-bead mala, finished with a stunning faceted vintage chandelier crystal to represent the infinite-year-old tradition of prayer with an authentic buddha bead.☆  It is double strung and knotted to make sure nothing could ever break it! I needed my mala to last forever! It turned out so well that I kept making them! Now I want to share them with You!☆ Each mala I make is strong enough to get us through anything and everything!☆
I’ve been making Prayer Bead Malas ever since!☆ This is a spiritual power tool no magical being should be without! Specifically infused with each stones essential aspect for healing while hand knotted during a Sanskrit chant. I pray, chant, and sleep with mine! I wear it as a beautiful long boho necklace or on my wrist. It’s also gorgeous as a room or window adornment, they can bring enchantment to any sacred space.☆

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Not shown: #plum Blossom Agate #blackobsidian #fireagate #honeyjade Golden #tigerseye #greenaventurine #treeagate #clearquartz #pietersite and the very rare Maifanitum!☆
Text me at 310-617-5982 if one calls your name and you’d like to claim it as yours!☆
I’m happy to send pics and offer discounts on purchases of 1+.
*NOTE: Instructions included. All are very limited in quantity.
On the wings & waves of prayer, I wish you each the love of a mala.
PS.  I love you, Shannon


Chakra Wisdom Oracle Deck by Tori Hartman

I woke up today choosing to align my energy systems to the highest frequency available to me.  I set the intention and spoke the words of my Divine Knowing claiming my connection to the love and frequency of love that I now exist in the new dawn that is upon us.  I AM the words which go out into the vibratory world by sincere ownership of unconditional feelings and efforts for the total BrotherHood of All.

I am One amongst many other Ones who are swimming in the sea of love beside me ~ together, we hold space through a vision of perfection.  Holding virtual hands, we acclimate our energetic fields and give attention to the trajectory and changes we’d like to see and be in the world.

Until it becomes habit, I must monitor my Self, my thoughts, the energies, situations, people and places where I allow myself to hang out empathetically ~ this is my personal responsibility and commitment.  Every moment of each day I must choose to participate in the worthiness of highest good that I desire; otherwise, a density of low energy can by default make me partner with other people’s issues and insecurities.

As I practice flowing with and through the evolutionary planetary changes of these times, I will become more adept.  As I become more adept, I’ll spend far less time participating in those lower frequencies and therefore my reality must conform to the view I sustain.  It really is that simple!

Following is an intention from The Book of Love & Creation, a channeled text by Paul Selig.  Say it with me if you feel called:

“I am now choosing to balance all of my energy centers in Divine Love.”

Your word is your intention; therefore, you are these words and you will receive!  Just pay attention to how your day is different.

What I have chosen in the past has brought me into my own authentic knowing of this life’s worth.  I am now recovering and uncovering my True Self and the treasures that have been buried in this lifetime of Earthly experience.  The past, no doubt, toted pain ~ lots of different types of pain, in fact; however, what feels bad is also the key that unlocks the door of understanding to what needs healing.  Therefore, even the bad times should be looked at as a blessing and opportunity for big picture growth.  This is true on a personal level as well as community, governmental, and universal.  Look for the ‘blessings in the bad’ and see how they’re opening eyes wide to see what needs new thought, new ways, new energy, new agreements in this new dawn so we All eventually can live in more peaceful environments loving each other and enjoying our lives fully.

I am ready to live an inspired future!  The key has now been used to open the door for my next level of experience.  I vow to stop inviting painful bits and pieces of my past into my present and future, constantly re~covering over and over again the broken, hurting, sharp shards of my self, continually throwing dirt over and over again, shoveling and shoving parts of me that have been dormant to go deeper and deeper into grief.

I don’t need to keep re~covering those pains any longer…or manifest new ones.  I have faced my fears and I understand now that what has wounded me has gifted me strength in return.  A true ying & yang, a contrast of dark & light is what will give me the courage to peacefully awaken into the greatness that is my birthright.  This is not my ego speaking, this is me getting naked, exposed in every way, being brave and ultimately KNOWING the truth of my own self…which is the truth of YOU as well!

The messages are right:  “We are in this together!”  We are all waking to the new dawn and figuring out what that means and who we are moving forward.

So just remember, brothers & sisters, what once may have been a more immature energy is now about growing into a new partnership with your spirit self for the purpose of wholesoul fulfillment.  Allow yourself to step back, lean in and ask your guides to bring the healing to you.  They don’t call them guides for nothing, they will walk you step by step if you just keep asking what is next for you to do.  It will be presented to you.  Open your eyes to see clearly.  Trust.  Follow what feels good.

On wings and waves of the new dawn, I stream you light, love and an invitation to join me in the Sea of Love,



I come from a very long line of pray~ers.   Our family, our ancestors hurdled through their own lives with strong devotion and reverence.  Their faithfulness placed unto the powerful laps of deities, they relied on worship to lift their spirits, laying their egos below. 

What I know about prayer is that it is a focused intention that is given attention, words, and feelings; it’s an energetic story that is signed, sealed and sent on waves of invisible vibration into the frequency of the Universal matrix with hopes for return of answers, synchronicities and miracles.  

What has summoned me during this recent change, more than ever now, is prayer.  Simple.  Powerful.  Prayer.  I’ve followed my bliss, taken the risks, went into the dark forest, climbed the mountain, and now I stand on the precipice of the words and prayers I live by in my own little world.  

It’s time now.  We can no longer put this off.  The world is shifting with or without us. Will you choose to grow through this?

Starting a practice of prayer is an easy empowerment which is personal and irreversible, but to pray together is a strength that is very much needed more than ever at this time.

Let us stand side-by-side in this time of great cosmic change.  Let us hold virtual hands and chant our positive words as an ingredient of healing into the mix of the matrix.  Let us together sing the pages out as they unfold before us moment-by-moment writing us into history. 

We are interfacing with the consciousness of man’s creations on a grand scale and there’s no room for action sourced from fear and/or revenge.  Putting one foot in front of the other relinquishing our power as an individual to participate within a whole world…a Universe…in a vibrational way, fully engaged in “for” instead of “against.”  When we achieve this, there can be a kindness initiated as a united One, a full and overflowing of wise consciousness ~ and then many things will change for the better out of non-resistance.   Above it all, we will discover support through the greatest love in the world.

Well known facts about prayer
  • prayer makes a difference 

  • prayer brings faith and wisdom

  • prayer provides strength 

  • prayer supports us in areas of our life that need changing

  • prayer brings us assurance of being as aspect of the Creator

We know these things, so why don’t we pray?  Perhaps it’s a fear of actually getting what we pray for.  Because if we did, we would have to allow ourselves to be bigger, braver, more bold.  We would have to be intentional and attentional and participatory in our own miracles and blessings.  We would calibrate by osmosis to living in a state of gratitude and love.  And we would want to practice love every single day because it’s so much funner than fear.

In honoring one of my own choices of prayer, I am making original love-made Prayer Malas.  Full 108 beautiful Rainbow Obsidian, Lapis Luzuli, Orange Aventurine (and more) Malas immersed in deep ancient mantra, intention, and prayer.  They each are hosted by a vintage chandelier crystal Buddha bead in a teardrop or wand, anointed with my original Root Chakra Healing Prayer Ritual Oil, coded with healing light, wrapped with a description of their intent and simple instructions of how to use them.

If you feel called to claim one of these personal “Prayer Malas” as your own, let me know in the message section of the contact form below by submitting and I will contact you directly.

Either way, I invite you to pray with me…with or without a mala.  Become a pray~er.  You hold your own sacred vibration, authenticity and intention, I encourage you to use it for the highest good of All.

Here is a daily affirmation I’d like to share with you today, say it upon waking and before sleeping:

I choose to think only those thoughts which will bring me peace and will align me to a higher consciousness.  I am doing this easily and through my own intention to know true myself.  Thy shall be done.  And so it is!

If you know someone who struggles with despondency, grief, fear, wounds or worries, please don’t be afraid of what they will say, listen to them with an open heart and then pray silently for them during your prayer ritual.  You don’t have to know what they need, just ask for their highest good.  The greatest gift in the world is the time you can be present in their world without an agenda.
And if you are struggling, I’d be honored to be the one to be there for you with ‘two ears, an open heart, and no waiting.’  Submit a Pray~er Request on the form above and I will include you in my own personal Pray~er Ritual.
In the meantime, if I can be of service to you in any way, please just say the word.  If you feel called to book a session, I’m offering phone readings and coaching as well as distant reiki.  Or choose to be one of the first sessions once the stay-at-home order is lifted of “Healing in the Garden.”  Readings & Reiki in my big beautiful private back yard, 6 ft away with masks.  I’d love to be present for you in your healing!
On wings and waves of the universe, I hear you, I am here for you and I AM a pray~er for us all.   Shannon

Chakra Balancing

I believe health and well being begins at the level of energy within my body.
We all have energy centers in the body, starting at the base of your spine and continuing up to the crown of your head. Each of these energy centers corresponds to major nerves within your physical body, as well as your psychological and spiritual state of being. When your chakras are in alignment and fully activated, your intuition will work together with your emotions and your physical body to achieve balance, contentment and happiness within your life. It’s essential to pay attention to your chakras and to keep them open in order for energy to move fluidly throughout your body. When there is blockage, energy is unable to flow easy, smooth and peacefully. Maintaining balance and openness can be challenging, no doubt, but with mindfulness and intention you hold the power to shift, re-calibrate and therefore improve your well being.


Root Chakra

I named my blog Root Chakra Healing because while we’re living this linear physical life on Earth it is the root chakra which shows us our manifested experience.  That which we see out-pictured in our life is exactly where the seen and unseen energy has been participating.   Because we are in this life together, we are affected by other’s energy as well.  Sometimes those energies program or wound us in ways which we subconsciously hold on to and use as a field of protection on our journey, which isn’t always a good thing.  We hang on to what we fear in this regard; therefore, we close ourselves off to learning, moving on, and experiencing our highest good.
When we continue to allow past experiences to govern the future, we create imbalance in our soul~center.  Not just the root, but it affects all chakras eventually…causing dis~ease.  This is the reason Chakra balancing is important.  Cleansing, clearing, balancing and activating the chakras is a powerful session I offer which also extracts stress and anxiety, instilling peace and harmony within the energy centers.
The Root Chakra is located at the base of your spine and is associated with the color red. When your Root Chakra is balanced, you feel grounded, safe and secure with a deep connection to your body and Mother Earth.
When doing a sacred Root Chakra Ritual session*, I gather black and red stones (Tourmaline, Hematite, Garnet, Red Calcite are wonderful Root stones and easy to find) a red candle, and a grounding oil blend (I use my original Muladhara Ritual Oil blend).  I start with a smudging of white sage, light the candle, anoint myself with the beautiful sacred oil and breathe into deep stillness; then, when my mind is clear and focused, I repeat the following mantras:
“Today, I am present in my body.”
“I am a divine being, protected by Spirit and secure within nature.”
“I release fear and gain trust in the process of life.”
“I am grounded, centered, and fully present.”
“I am worthy.”
“I belong.”
For deeper guidance, tools, and exercises to effectively unblock your Chakras, book a future session with me here.  I’ve opened my calendar for late April having faith that we will all be out and about again, returning to our normal activities.
In the meantime, on wings and waves of the Universe, I hold space for the whole, healed, happy, healthy, wealthy & wise within each and every one of us.
Peace, Love & Good Health,
*NOTE: In a Ritual Session with me, you will be gifted the oil, crystals, stones and written mantras when the Chakra Ritual is complete.

One~Winged Woman

A year ago in October I became a single woman for the first time in over 25 years.  I’ve pretty much had one handful of relationships my whole life, each of them being very significant to my growth, especially the last one wherein I finally found myself facing off with my deepest wound, Grief.

That November I camped by myself for the first time ever.  It was an amazing journey wherein I was gifted a huge bird wing from the Universe.   A treasured discovery with a message of ‘learning to fly,’ I named myself a “One-Winged Woman.”

And it was on 11/11/18 at 11:11pm that I wrote this poem while in my tent alone, with the blessing of a lighted pen, the wing by my side and beautiful surreal drumming vibes coming from not so far off. I thought I was writing about myself… and I was …but in the wake of my big brother’s unexpected transition this year I woke up on a summer morning thinking about these words and him.   I exposed this piece that day from a very soulful space in my heart.

And now in this moment, another November, I find myself looking back in the rear-view mirror of 2019 and I realize that it’s also about Us…All of us wakening.   It’s about spreading each of our wings wide open…extended so much that the tips of our feathers will touch one another while we’re suspended in the flow of our collective life.

And now, for the second time, I feel a courage … a cawing to share this poem I wrote by a tiny light in the dark one night night while echoing thoughts of flight helped guide me to write, “I See Me:”

Above it all, I see me
Holding space for others, grounded as a tree
Infinite as the sky
visible to my inner-eye
Vast and deep
relentless in love
summoning my Self to the clarity above
Sultry and longing to its calling I sway
my wings unfold and I sail away.

Above it all, I see me
There I AM spirited and free
Wings wide open riding waves of air
No boundaries
No rules
No burdens to bare.
Every day a new desire
Every hour a journey within
Every moment feeling inspired
Every breath full circle I spin
There I go, in full~feathered flow
On the soulful flight of my life I go.

Above it all, I see me
Ego aside, connected spiritually
Walking and talking in this dream “On Air”
while standing on Earth looking way up there
Calling to the wind to take me away
when I sometimes feel I don’t want to stay
Loneliness and pain, howling at the moon
wanting love to save me while deep in swoon
Again I will ride
All ways I abide
I open my heart
I breathe and be
And once again I see me.

11/11/2018 ~ by Shannon Paige

The Ocean of Vulnerability

As some of my friends witnessed last week, I recently took a week-long swim in the ocean of vulnerability.

Confidently, I dove right in by signing up for a 5-Day Challenge not knowing what each days’ requirement would be.

Honestly, I was looking really forward to starting this endeavor.  I felt the excitement and joy with my inner-entrepreneur at the helm as we anticipated the journey and success of navigating a challenge!  Exciting, right?!  There were prizes offered too and I could just taste the amazing sweetness of winning the grand prize!

The Beach.

The first day was creative, fun, and easy…like treasure hunting on a beach with lots of beautiful shells to sift through.  But the second day got a little tougher as I was encouraged to actually step into the water.

What I realized at this time was that I had really signed up for a voluntarily falling into the deep-end of my truth…and sharing it on social media!  Then the second realization flowed in like slow motion…I was already standing too close to the edge not to try to fall into it with as much grace as I possibly could.

So I tippy-toed slowly into the fringed and cold edges of the mildly-crushing breakers I was now faced with.  I found myself wading and waiting in the shallow for signs of my life to reveal themselves, telling me ‘We’re okay to do this,” encouraging me to want to do it, then going deep inside ‘the secret life of Shannon’s past.’

I admit I have chosen this life and every single one of my choices, I’m willing to own it all.  But what I was scared to death of was judgement of who I am now, today, the soulful spiritual me that’s not wounded anymore, and that feeling of having swam too far out of the safety zone.

That’s where the breakthrough happens, so I did it anyway.

The Swells.

Anything but a leisurely float on my back facing the soulfulness of the sun, I found myself, instead, paddling furiously through the rolling waves of my life’s story.  All of it showed up on my table to digest, the emotions and feelings that I’ve masked for a very long time.   Not all of the bad and ugly was served up on social media, but I certainly had to have it come forward, lean in to it with no resistance, then decide how to filter it in small doses each day using my best portion control skills as to not overwhelm or over-tell.

Halfway through the week, I had my third realization…that the real truth was that I needed to stand within my experiences confidently, not sourcing energy from a space of weakness but from empowerment!  After all, I’d been present in all my past moments, so scrapping them together into chapters of a book I was able to see all that I had overcome and accomplished…that all those “choices” were stepping stones along my journey and opportunities for growth!

Have you been courageous and brave enough to say YES in stepping into the mystery of an adventure that came your way, come to find out it didn’t work out the way you thought it would? 

I am able to see now that every single bit of my journey was purposeful for what I needed in order to get exactly where I AM!

The Deep Calm Sea.

My fourth realization came forward in the final days of waking up to where I am at right now.  The successes I’ve had becoming beacons that will continue to light my path moving forward.

I am now far out into the deep calm sea of clarity, where I can acknowledge the absolute beauty of my life.  I am grateful for the challenges that were presented to me so that I could become the person I AM.  And I honor family above all else in this life.  For their love and support has always in all ways been my foundation and home base.  I am so blessed to have them.

I am a woman of depth, yeah, there’s no doubt about it.  I won’t apologize or feel unnecessary in being that or anything else I AM any longer.  Not everyone resonates with a person like me (who is same as you, just different), and it’s absolutely a thousand percent okay, I’m completely neutral about who accepts me and who doesn’t because we are One regardless.

I love what IS within the All of Us.  That IS enough.

Basking in the glory and gratitude for the people who have been my guides and angels along my journey, I am proud to say, “Hey guys, I made it!  I’m here.  I’m here.  I’m here!

I’m kissing the ground You walk on Brothers and Sisters, ❤ happy to have another day in this life with you, doing my thing, and praising you for doing yours!”

My final realization, you see, is that I was the only one who ever judged me.

On wings and waves of grace, I fall into love with me and you every single day.




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