“Awakening Guidance Session”

Awaken your chakras with guidance and coaching.  This is a powerful partnership in intentional creation of long-term permanent change.  You are the focus of the hour as you talk about what you’re experiencing.  We will inquire as to hidden contracts, child/adulthood wounding or general direction through conversation and readings; and then additionally extract old programing and unseen energy that’s not serving for the highest good through reiki.

This is full-circle whole-soul therapy for inside and out healing.

Each session is unique to the moment and the energy you come in with!  I look forward to working with you.

To book a Coaching Session, click here.


“Chakra Reading”

A Chakra Reading is an oracle card reading where you can ask a specific question or let the Universe tell you what you need to know to focus on for your healing and ascension.  Each Chakra is a portal we can go into and discover the core programming and/or karmic imprint of your life; thereby identifying where to start for a shift in experience.

“To believe in the magic of your own sorcery is the only requirement.

A Chakra Reading is the most honest, true, profound view imaginable into your soul.”

~Shannon Paige~

To book a Chakra Reading, click here.

Reiki Session ~ Awaken, Balance & Cleanse

Awaken, Balance & Cleanse  is a powerful chakra reiki session I offer which extracts stress and anxiety, instills peace and harmony within the energy centers.  It’s a tangible affect that is felt throughout our bodies and in our daily lives.

“With mindfulness and intention you hold the power to shift, re-calibrate and therefore

improve your whole-soul wellbeing.”

~Shannon Paige~

To book a Reiki Session, click here.


Chakra Consultation ~ Free 15-minute phone session

If you’re new to the world of Chakra and not sure which service is right for you or where to start, let’s start with a FREE CONSULTATION via phone. You can tell me what you’re experiencing and I will recommend the right session for you.

No requirements.  Go right into a chosen session, book for a future date, or walk away if you’re not feeling it. It’s all good.

To book a Chakra Consultation, click here.


For More Information

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