Welcome to Root Chakra Healing.  My name is Shannon and I have studied and participated in the unseen spiritual realm for most of my life in different forms.

It started when I was 8 years old and was in a bicycle accident which prompted my first soul experience.  Afterwards, there was a depth in me that I never could climb out of … honestly, I never really tried to, I just allowed it to exist within and worked around it.  In the following years of my life, I was just, as many intuitives say, different.   Starting in my late teens I began to experience many deaths of loved ones in my life, but it was when I was widowed at 41 that all the sudden I sought to find them all.  I decided to search for them by taking some courses and ended up completing my education all the way to a doctorate in metaphysics.  I have since become certified in many holistic modalities.

And yes, I found them, my loved ones, but so much more.  And most importantly, I found me as well.  Now I am living my life of purpose and passion!  

“I strongly believe in excavating old patterns & programming, shifting them so we can live in our own truth!”

~ Dr. Rev. Chakra Shannon

I want to live in a world where people know that they’re amazing and aren’t afraid to share it! This is actually why I became a Chakra healer…because I LOVE helping my universal brothers and sisters go from feeling despondent to feeling their amazingness, discovering their purpose and tapping into a life for their highest good!

I have a simple vision:

To guide people in sacred comfortable healing experiences, teaching & healing about the seven chakra energy centers, as well as how our experiences and programming play a role in what we’re getting in this life we are living.

My most popular sessions are:

  • Chakra Cleansing & Balancing;
  • Chakra Card Readings; and
  • Coaching Sessions.

I also fill my creative space by making:

  • “Chakra Ritual Products” 

“The light-work of my Home Chakra Shanti is devotional in white light and good intentions.  The ability to gently support the excavation of deep blockages is offered as a tool to unlock the inner-knowing of each one of us in order to develop the highest good for all. Guiding one through their illusions to the truth of who we truly are is an ‘ah-ha moment’ that is priceless. I believe  in the miracle of transforming wounds into gifts through shifts in perception and deep inquiry.  You will experience your own personal healing to the degree of your ability to be open to changing inner-conversation and find alignment with the energy that represents infinite possibility.”

And now that an Awakening is upon us all, if you or someone you know someone feels lost or blocked or they wonder what’s next for them, and they would like to start their healing and experience an amazing shift in perception that will help create the change they want to see in their world, contact me if you feel called to do so.

Hey. YOU. Are. Amazing!

On the Wings & Waves of finding ourselves in this world, I stream you light…it’s right there, do you see it?  ❤ Shannon

To schedule a session 

call/txt 310-617-5982 

email:  Shannon@root-chakra-healing.com


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Shannon has been a life-long student of the cosmic and infinite unknown.  Earning her Masters Degree and Doctorate through the University of Metaphysical Sciences, she was ordained as a Minister through Wisdom of the Heart Church.  She’s also answered the calling to be Certified as a Chakra Wisdom Card Reader; Certified as an Infinite Possibilities Law of Attraction Coach & Trainer; she’s received Certification as a Reiki Master; and is most recently earned her certification  for Holistic Healing. Shannon is also an aspiring writer, artist and kitchen witch with intentions of inspiring & healing others through creating and teaching about intention and ritual while filling her own creative heart.  

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