Rev. Shannon Paczkowski, Ph.D.

“Shannon’s light~work is devotional in chakra energy.  She is certified in and predominantly uses the Chakra Wisdom Cards.  Her ability to gently support the excavation of deep blockages is offered as a tool to unlock the inner~knowing in each one of us.   Supporting you for your highest good and guiding you through illusions to the truth of who you really are is an ‘ah-ha moment’ she loves to share.  Along with being a Chakra Card reader she believes in the power of meditation, the law of attraction, and holds a Doctorate in Metaphysical Sciences.  

“An authentic experience awaits you within this wise deck of inquiry.”  

To schedule a reading with Shannon call/txt 310-617-5982 or email:  therootchakra@yahoo.com

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Felicia Evans, Bachelor of Social Work, Energy Healer-Body Mind Balance Certified

Felicia’s experience of working in the field of mental health and substance abuse plus her willingness to participate in her own healing process and appreciation of Holistic Health allows her to work with others using compassion, kindness and empathy.  It is Felicia’s passion to help others see and feel their love and light within.

After years of following the path of the corporate world and feeling internally dissatisfied and detached from her true self, Felicia began her path of healing and realized that her life purpose is to help others heal and find the light and love that exists within.  She followed her heart and began training in the art and beauty of Transpersonal Energy Healing.  She uses her skills and compassionate heart to help others connect their emotions to their physical and energetic body, as Felicia views thoughts and feelings as energy that flows through us.

Felicia’s focus is to facilitate energy healings for her clients so life force energy may begin to flow freely through the body, mind, and spirit; which allows her clients to relax and begin to find clarity.

To schedule a reading with Felicia call/txt 505-702-2601 or email: freespirit3281@yahoo.com

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