Sharing Successes

I’m still in my Challenge and today it’s about finding the confidence within to share my success stories. Helping others shift from feeling lost to tapping into their gifts and talents is the greatest feeling I’ve ever known. That’s why I do what I do. I love seeing my clients get clear, focused and intentional about manifesting their greatest good. I wish I could promise that every client will have the kind of success that many of my clients have had! I have seen it proven that if you want it badly enough it’s usually only a matter of time (and high-level guidance) before you get there!

Several of my clients have gone on to become coaches, readers, intuitives, channels and other amazing gifted energy healers, artists, and I even have an athlete! All of them are super inspiring stories!

Most recently one of my clients published her first book! I’m super proud of her accomplishments and I’ll be sharing her success story in a separate post and link soon. She and I felt an immediate connection when meeting and what followed was a powerful breakthrough in her first Chakra Reading! She says, “Shannon was able to instill in me the fact that once I start being active in my aligned service I will start flowing in my purpose.” Now she’s confident enough in that purpose to have written and published her book! Much more alignment is continuing to happen for her and I’m so excited about her future!

And then, sometimes what’s revealed on the journey is that there’s a need for family or grief healing, intentional deep-end coaching or energy-work to help release blockages, old programming or hidden contracts to unlock the truth! Once we tap into that truth we’re able to start their dream~catching adventure.

All of the above(and more) is the work I love to do, reveal and heal, arrive at the ah~ha moment where the ability to unknow the moment of enlightenment happens.

We are going and growing through life, friends… regardless…wouldn’t it be great if we were all defining our dreams along the way!? I’m happy to help if you feel called to reach out.

 I want you to Have it All, Shannon

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