Love The ONE You’re With

I am consistently inspired by music from the 70’s.  Maybe it’s simply because I grew up in that era and decade, but I find that many songs have multiple perspectives and ways of interpreting their messages.

It seems at times the writers were tapped in, channeling and sourcing songs from the new age of the future.  Did we look under the surface of the words at that time?  Did we truly hear Jimmy?  There’s a part of me that says absolutely, but did we look underneath that even deeper, resurrecting its conception from the roots, the soul and source, to the united message of truth?

Perhaps music is a simple, pure way to go straight from ego to spirit in zero-to-60 seconds or less.  It seems to have the ability to transport us into timelessness bringing us to the very present we are in…or the memory of where we were back in the day to that time in our life when we were listening to that song and all the moments associated with it.  Music is truly a vehicle and tool of spirituality whether you’re listening to oldies or hz432 frequencies for healing and evolution.

A perfect moment in the synchronistic order, each piece magically takes you somewhere.

Music with meaning has always been something I enjoy.  I’m a lyrics lover…listening to the deep side of the vinyl sitting in stillness with the album cover or on my feet in an ecstatic dance, taking it all in, opening to a natural flow or directive, acknowledging the sexy sways of my full-figured body, finding the connection and attraction of the rhythm inside me, but always…always seeking Spirit.

It began many years ago, talking to my then-husband in our kitchen.  He was/is a wizard of music and we talked often of topics appearing before us from the heart of the universe, many times involving music.  This particular morning, over eggs and toast, we cracked open the mystic ways of words.  Together we pondered the sheer magic and transparency of lyrics; unraveling the verses which created an ability to travel through the story.  In unison, we heard sounds – four, five and eight – easily identifying their favorite artists’ inspirations.

Have you ever heard a song and pulled out other songs from it?  An enchanting game of tones for sure…”I can name that tune in 4 notes!”

Since the time we separated and now divorced, I don’t go looking for songs that have inner-meaning, they seem to come to me.  Upon receiving the song I intuitively become aware of the universal intelligence between the lines, I sit with it a day or two then jump into it looking for its signs:  the notes, the octaves, the intervals of perfection and alignment ‘achording’ (see what I did there?) to my personal truth of center-stage eternity.

The song that’s inspired me today, Valentine’s Day, is “Love the One You’re With” by Stephen Stills which was released as the lead single from his debut self-titled studio album in November 1970.  I posted it on my Facebook Page as I normally do with songs that come to me looking for insight, when a vision of sharing my story – the ‘more-than-words’ version of the song…from my perspective…so I’m ‘taking it to the streets’ via my Blog.

To me, ‘love the one you’re with’ means love ALL the ones you’re not with too!  Easier said than done, right?  Sometimes we get hung up on love, we’ve got ‘a rose in a fisted glove,’ and we’re fastened in the feelings of loss or heartbreak.  When we’re in pain we hone in on the emotional essence of being alone, ‘we sit crying over good times we’ve had.’  We allow ourselves to get stuck there, and just like a recording of a song we play it over and over focused on the feelings which then inform our mind and body again and again of the continual heartache…then we dare ask “why is this happening to me?”

Whenever you’re asking “why?” in any scenario you can choose to shift out of the emotional essence by intentionally zooming out, widening your lens, expand your perspective to see more of the big picture and in return you’ll turn your heartache into joy.  Start asking to understand how that person helped you and what you may have learned.  Then let the ‘eagle fly with the dove’ and YES love the one you’re with…love the ones you’re not with too.

It’s time for each of us to make our own true Self our soul mate and if you do, you will have a Universe full of Lovers!

Take it to an even higher view while you’re at it, by loving every soul of the ONE whole.  Love your neighbor and the stranger passing on the street or in the car next to you.  Not just today, every single day!

Love all brothers and sisters; each color, every race…LOVE THEM just by knowing their truth is as great as yours.

Here’s a poem I wrote inspired by the simplistic style of Dr. Suess

Love them when close, love them from far;

love them in a house, love them in a car;

love them when they’re here, or very far away,

love them when you’re angry or sad, just love them anyway.

So I’ll leave you with this today…Love them anyway, any way.

On frequencies, vibrations and waves of the Universe, thank you for the music brothers and sisters.



PS.  And because as a teenager I was highly inspired by the amazing talent of the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, here’s a very special gift, Love The One You’re With  ❤


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