What if God is ALL of Us?

I’ve walked around for days with a song spinning round in the most inner part of my ears.  It actually felt deeper than that even – but was it in my mind?  My brain?  My third-eye?  I’m not sure but it spun wild and randomly…

“What if God Was One of Us?”

I had been studying a tutelage in Divinity from 2017 through 2020 when I woke upon this song that had been released by Joan Osborne in 1995.  I’ve always liked the song, but now its depth resonated to my core, and for weeks I carried it with me wherever I went pondering what it really meant.  To me, it means more than just God is ‘one’ of us…as if it represented the idea and possibility that it could be any one body; it means God is ALL of us, every individual body.  I wrestled with the detailed logic of it as I looked in the eye of every passerby telepathically asking, “Do you know that you are God?”  The answers came within…mostly ‘no’s.  I consciously worked on re-programming myself to see every one, know them or not, as a form of God manifested in who they are and I wanted to know what was each of their super powers.

Soon I had dreamy visions of traveling across the Universe taking photographs of God walking every path of life, experiencing the vast diversity of All by being within each One in all their unique authentic glory. There was a beautiful secret truth rooted in the legitimacy I continued to seek; for me it was real and I ached to live love out loud for All of humankind.

I looked to the channeled texts I’d been faithfully following for the last 3 years, since the day my husband decided he was happier with another woman.  I was trying to see through the eyes of God to be the bigger person in the situation, but inside I was honestly and rightfully angry.  I was suffering and struggling with my emotions one day, hanging onto a thread of clarity, and asked God where he was and why this was happening!?  Calling out to him loud in a passionate yet threatening thrust, just like Glen Hansard in the film “Once,” I insisted, “If you’ve got something to say, say it to me now!”  I sat with silence in return.

But maybe he did hear me because things changed course that Saturday morning after my soon-to-be-ex walked out and I walked in to the door of a portal manifested as my favorite thrift shop.  As I do, I picked up a hand cart and walked straight to the book section where I usually browse like a blind person reading Braille.  With my arms stretched out, fingertips skipping along the bindings, I was feeling my way across the shelf of what seemed like a mile-high bookcase.  One book to the next and the next; it’s a technique I use to hear the calling, testing my knowingness of which books come home with me.  I’ve always been drawn to metaphysical books, so I was lucky to find any at all but this portal gifted me many times over with great pieces of written art and knowledge.

Unlike any other time, this one was just sitting there flat with its corner hanging off the edge as if to say, “I’m here for you, don’t miss me.”  I didn’t have to read the description, I knew by its position, the feel of it in my hands, and then its title sealed the deal, “The Book of Knowing, channeled by Paul Selig.”  Many times I’ve asked the Universe to make my ‘signs’ a billboard so I won’t miss them and this one was just that, obvious.  There was no doubt in my mind as I took a look around the space to see who may have placed it so strategically in my path, then I put it in my basket and walked down the next isle.

Seconds later I began feeling a little dizzy.  Time slowed down while my heart sped up.  It was beating a hundred percent to capacity when I stopped walking to catch my breath.  An older psychic black woman whom I had seen and spoken to a time or two before very intentionally and delicately said good morning to me.  I said good morning back as she squeezed by, our shoulders brushing each other in the thin isle where our two full-figured bodies were alone together.  I caught the deep view of her light brown eyes, they were telling me that this was no coincidence as she gently whispered directly into my ear, “God bless you.”

Now, I’ve always been a spiritual woman who resonates with all sorts of ideas of magical beings that walk this earth; however, I still sometimes ponder what to believe about “God.”  But don’t think for a second that I wasn’t intuitive enough to know this moment with that woman was beyond time, of an aligned synchronistic order, and something very special…although I didn’t understand just yet.  I thanked her sincerely and mirrored the blessing back unto her as our moment of pause in slow motion started to become real time again.  Still feeling wonky, I felt the need to get myself outside into the open air, so with a whole store full of undiscovered treasures, I cut the shopping short and took myself straight to the check out.  While paying for my book I recalled the times I encountered that same woman in this shop and became her subject of impromptu readings.  She was always spot-on in her accuracy of me and my endeavors.

I enjoyed thinking back to those memories as I drove away from the shop, and by the time I got home I felt better…about all of Life.  I immediately sat down, opened the book, and just like the title indicated, I knew.  Instinctively, I dove into the pages finding a truth that was about to change my life direction…again…and I didn’t stop reading until I was at the last page.

Still to this day I’m curious about who she really was.  As I sit here typing these words the light in the lamp next to me flickers just enough to get my attention, which is an acknowledgement I recognize from another experience I’ll write about someday.  For now, I knew I was on the right track in sharing this story.

There are as many thoughts about who God is as there are people and I’m not here to debate and/or convert any of them.  If you think you’re right, you are, I believe that is truth as well.

What I think though, is that woman was a manifested form of God, and that we are each representing our own versions of this Source as well.  So just like the child-like but wise voice of Joan suggests:

God is the stranger on the bus, and the slob who doesn’t fuss
the suit who looks so nice, his sweetheart not thinking twice
the old crone set in her ways, the straight-laced in all their days
the wildly crazy, the super lazy
the victim, the abuser; the cop, the user
the robber who will steal, the man who’s scared to feel
the black, the white, the ones who fight, and every color from dark to light
the broken hearted, and even the departed
the royalty, the super star … and the ones who think ‘a nobody’ is who they are.

Every single one of them is God.

So are YOU.

I AM as well.

What would this world be, brothers and sisters…if we acted like it?  To our own Self; to our family; to our neighbor; to a stranger…if you knew they were God would you treat them differently?

Just something to think about.

With wings wide open, I embrace you ALL in a big Universal God group hug!!


PS.  I love this video about the writing of this song, What if God was One of Us.  Enjoy!


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