I come from a very long line of pray~ers.   Our family, our ancestors hurdled through their own lives with strong devotion and reverence.  Their faithfulness placed unto the powerful laps of deities, they relied on worship to lift their spirits, laying their egos below. 

What I know about prayer is that it is a focused intention that is given attention, words, and feelings; it’s an energetic story that is signed, sealed and sent on waves of invisible vibration into the frequency of the Universal matrix with hopes for return of answers, synchronicities and miracles.  

What has summoned me during this recent change, more than ever now, is prayer.  Simple.  Powerful.  Prayer.  I’ve followed my bliss, taken the risks, went into the dark forest, climbed the mountain, and now I stand on the precipice of the words and prayers I live by in my own little world.  

It’s time now.  We can no longer put this off.  The world is shifting with or without us. Will you choose to grow through this?

Starting a practice of prayer is an easy empowerment which is personal and irreversible, but to pray together is a strength that is very much needed more than ever at this time.

Let us stand side-by-side in this time of great cosmic change.  Let us hold virtual hands and chant our positive words as an ingredient of healing into the mix of the matrix.  Let us together sing the pages out as they unfold before us moment-by-moment writing us into history. 

We are interfacing with the consciousness of man’s creations on a grand scale and there’s no room for action sourced from fear and/or revenge.  Putting one foot in front of the other relinquishing our power as an individual to participate within a whole world…a Universe…in a vibrational way, fully engaged in “for” instead of “against.”  When we achieve this, there can be a kindness initiated as a united One, a full and overflowing of wise consciousness ~ and then many things will change for the better out of non-resistance.   Above it all, we will discover support through the greatest love in the world.

Well known facts about prayer
  • prayer makes a difference 

  • prayer brings faith and wisdom

  • prayer provides strength 

  • prayer supports us in areas of our life that need changing

  • prayer brings us assurance of being as aspect of the Creator

We know these things, so why don’t we pray?  Perhaps it’s a fear of actually getting what we pray for.  Because if we did, we would have to allow ourselves to be bigger, braver, more bold.  We would have to be intentional and attentional and participatory in our own miracles and blessings.  We would calibrate by osmosis to living in a state of gratitude and love.  And we would want to practice love every single day because it’s so much funner than fear.

In honoring one of my own choices of prayer, I am making original love-made Prayer Malas.  Full 108 beautiful Rainbow Obsidian, Lapis Luzuli, Orange Aventurine (and more) Malas immersed in deep ancient mantra, intention, and prayer.  They each are hosted by a vintage chandelier crystal Buddha bead in a teardrop or wand, anointed with my original Root Chakra Healing Prayer Ritual Oil, coded with healing light, wrapped with a description of their intent and simple instructions of how to use them.

If you feel called to claim one of these personal “Prayer Malas” as your own, let me know in the message section of the contact form below by submitting and I will contact you directly.

Either way, I invite you to pray with me…with or without a mala.  Become a pray~er.  You hold your own sacred vibration, authenticity and intention, I encourage you to use it for the highest good of All.

Here is a daily affirmation I’d like to share with you today, say it upon waking and before sleeping:

I choose to think only those thoughts which will bring me peace and will align me to a higher consciousness.  I am doing this easily and through my own intention to know true myself.  Thy shall be done.  And so it is!

If you know someone who struggles with despondency, grief, fear, wounds or worries, please don’t be afraid of what they will say, listen to them with an open heart and then pray silently for them during your prayer ritual.  You don’t have to know what they need, just ask for their highest good.  The greatest gift in the world is the time you can be present in their world without an agenda.
And if you are struggling, I’d be honored to be the one to be there for you with ‘two ears, an open heart, and no waiting.’  Submit a Pray~er Request on the form above and I will include you in my own personal Pray~er Ritual.
In the meantime, if I can be of service to you in any way, please just say the word.  If you feel called to book a session, I’m offering phone readings and coaching as well as distant reiki.  Or choose to be one of the first sessions once the stay-at-home order is lifted of “Healing in the Garden.”  Readings & Reiki in my big beautiful private back yard, 6 ft away with masks.  I’d love to be present for you in your healing!
On wings and waves of the universe, I hear you, I am here for you and I AM a pray~er for us all.   Shannon

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