Chakra Wisdom Oracle Deck by Tori Hartman

I woke up today choosing to align my energy systems to the highest frequency available to me.  I set the intention and spoke the words of my Divine Knowing claiming my connection to the love and frequency of love that I now exist in the new dawn that is upon us.  I AM the words which go out into the vibratory world by sincere ownership of unconditional feelings and efforts for the total BrotherHood of All.

I am One amongst many other Ones who are swimming in the sea of love beside me ~ together, we hold space through a vision of perfection.  Holding virtual hands, we acclimate our energetic fields and give attention to the trajectory and changes we’d like to see and be in the world.

Until it becomes habit, I must monitor my Self, my thoughts, the energies, situations, people and places where I allow myself to hang out empathetically ~ this is my personal responsibility and commitment.  Every moment of each day I must choose to participate in the worthiness of highest good that I desire; otherwise, a density of low energy can by default make me partner with other people’s issues and insecurities.

As I practice flowing with and through the evolutionary planetary changes of these times, I will become more adept.  As I become more adept, I’ll spend far less time participating in those lower frequencies and therefore my reality must conform to the view I sustain.  It really is that simple!

Following is an intention from The Book of Love & Creation, a channeled text by Paul Selig.  Say it with me if you feel called:

“I am now choosing to balance all of my energy centers in Divine Love.”

Your word is your intention; therefore, you are these words and you will receive!  Just pay attention to how your day is different.

What I have chosen in the past has brought me into my own authentic knowing of this life’s worth.  I am now recovering and uncovering my True Self and the treasures that have been buried in this lifetime of Earthly experience.  The past, no doubt, toted pain ~ lots of different types of pain, in fact; however, what feels bad is also the key that unlocks the door of understanding to what needs healing.  Therefore, even the bad times should be looked at as a blessing and opportunity for big picture growth.  This is true on a personal level as well as community, governmental, and universal.  Look for the ‘blessings in the bad’ and see how they’re opening eyes wide to see what needs new thought, new ways, new energy, new agreements in this new dawn so we All eventually can live in more peaceful environments loving each other and enjoying our lives fully.

I am ready to live an inspired future!  The key has now been used to open the door for my next level of experience.  I vow to stop inviting painful bits and pieces of my past into my present and future, constantly re~covering over and over again the broken, hurting, sharp shards of my self, continually throwing dirt over and over again, shoveling and shoving parts of me that have been dormant to go deeper and deeper into grief.

I don’t need to keep re~covering those pains any longer…or manifest new ones.  I have faced my fears and I understand now that what has wounded me has gifted me strength in return.  A true ying & yang, a contrast of dark & light is what will give me the courage to peacefully awaken into the greatness that is my birthright.  This is not my ego speaking, this is me getting naked, exposed in every way, being brave and ultimately KNOWING the truth of my own self…which is the truth of YOU as well!

The messages are right:  “We are in this together!”  We are all waking to the new dawn and figuring out what that means and who we are moving forward.

So just remember, brothers & sisters, what once may have been a more immature energy is now about growing into a new partnership with your spirit self for the purpose of wholesoul fulfillment.  Allow yourself to step back, lean in and ask your guides to bring the healing to you.  They don’t call them guides for nothing, they will walk you step by step if you just keep asking what is next for you to do.  It will be presented to you.  Open your eyes to see clearly.  Trust.  Follow what feels good.

On wings and waves of the new dawn, I stream you light, love and an invitation to join me in the Sea of Love,


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