The Potential of Peace

Surrendering to the wisdom of uncertainty is a third-eye chakra energy.  The wisdom we’re seeking here is to embrace the next mystical moment, hour, day, week, month, year…trusting and having faith in the unseen energy of awareness which unwraps our true divine nature and wholesoul self.  The idea is to be present and aware in every single breath, each step, thought, feeling, emotion that we carry forward into the next.  Having this alignment is an agreement in divinity, a partnership with our true soul~self, to attain the guidance of our physical linear ego~self walking into an unknown self~discovery for the purpose of personal transformation.

It takes courage to heal old wounds, pain and/or grief. 


Considering the essence of your existence, pondering the story you’ve carried throughout time will show you that life has always been unpredictable and that is something that will never change so it’s important that we not carry that forward any longer.

Change is inevitable and never-ending.  Every second is in a shift to the next second.

With this years Winter Solstice offering the transition of a higher vibration, frequency and journey moving forward, now is the time to tap into the potential of peace and start thinking about your well-being for next year:

  • Unlock your potential peace through a Chakra Reading.
  • Awakening Your Chakras through a Coaching Session.
  • Take your Prayer Practice to the next level with a Chakra Mala.
  • And if you don’t know where to start, book a FREE Consultation.
  • By the way, did you know I loooooove leggings!?  That’s how I rolled in 2020!  🙂  Check out these cool Chakra Leggings!  Of course I had to get the Root Chakra ones! ❤ If you want, use my coupon code 20CHAKRA21 to receive 10% off your entire order!

I look forward to serving you on your 2021 journey to being well.  Whatever your vision is, release 2020 fully and march forth into the new opportunities of a new year.

On chakra wings, winds, & waves, I wish you the best of 2021!






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